Keeping the Fridge & Pantry Clean – Is it Really Impossible?

The children would be at home all day while school is out for the Spring and Summer break. According to the House Cleaning gurus, they’ll be starving after all the extra energy they’ll consume during swimming lessons and other activities.

As reported by the House Cleaning geniuses, this can be a problem for some parents since they will not have reason to stop and prepare snacks during the day or are at work. At the same time, kids don’t want to eat the unhealthy grab-and-go snacks recommended by House Cleaning experts of San Diego.

There’s excellent news! We have some suggestions for you. Take a look at the latest recommendations for fridge and pantry organizations.

Snacking Winning Preparation and Pantry Organizing Ideas

As said by House Cleaning experts in San Diego, young kids will not understand the importance of washing healthy foods like fruits and veggies before eating them. Children won’t be capable of cutting their food into bite-sized pieces or know what an appropriate portion size is. Below are some suggestions from the experts in House Cleaning on how to cope with it.

  • As soon as you get home, wash all of your food. Fruits, veggies, and even charcuteries must be peeled and chopped into snack-size pieces for kids. To preserve apple slices from browning, squeeze lemon juice on them.
  • Divide popcorn, trail mix, or crackers into small quantities and arrange them in a compact container. 
  • Kids’ snacks should be kept on a separate shelf in the Pantry. Make sure it’s easy to get to.
  • Choose each child a color, and then use a lid or sticker to color-code their food containers. This technique guarantees that everyone receives a fair portion and keeps snacks separate if a child has food allergies or dietary limitations.

Ideas for Snack Storage

Plastic food bags are convenient, but they do not suit everyone’s lifestyle, tips from the House Cleaning pros in San Diego. Thankfully, the House Cleaning experts have suggested various more environmentally friendly ways to store food for youngsters.

  • Snack bags made of wax paper are a good choice.
  • Make your reusable storage coverings by using wax, resin, and cotton cloth. 
  • Small reusable glass or plastic food storage containers should be readily handled.
  • To keep kids’ snacks organized, use miniature mason jars.

Summer Snacks: How to Arrange a Refrigerator

According to the personnel at House Cleaning, if you have ever returned home to find your children having devoured the cheese you needed to prepare dinner? Perhaps they were irritated because they really could not locate their “munchies” in the refrigerator? The tips from the House Cleaning gurus might help you avoid tantrums and missing food items.

  • Understand how to arrange a refrigerator correctly.
  • Color-code the lids the same way you did the foods in the Pantry.
  • Snacks should be kept on a low enough shelf for more minor children to reach.

We can look forward to House Cleaning if we have some trick up to our sleeves! 

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