Life Changing Ways to Clean Your Toaster by House Cleaning San Diego

Whether it’s breakfast or absolutely any meal of the day, your toasters come in handy to prepare your food from toast to reheating yesterday’s leftovers. However, having a busy lifestyle means that you do not have enough time for House Cleaning. With crumbs and food particles trapped under your toasters, your bread and oven toasters may not have the proper cleaning it needs. 

 When it comes to proper House Cleaning, it is but necessary that you also give importance to areas and household items that are often overlooked. Areas such as the corners of your kitchen, including the appliances you use for food preparation should be given importance when you are House Cleaning too. House Cleaning San Diego suggests that you take a look at the things you use to prepare your food now – look at what may be hiding under your oven toasters! You will be surprised how much food residue is trapped under the appliances you make use of to prepare your food – yikes! 

House Cleaning San Diego emphasizes the need to clean your toasters whenever you are House Cleaning. When you really want to achieve the best results on House Cleaning, you must take the time and effort to deep clean it. Effective House Cleaning depends on what methods you use to clean certain areas and household items, and to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the insides of your toasters, House Cleaning San Diego is here to share a few steps for a better and cleaner toaster: 

  1. Like any other House Cleaning activity, gather all the stuff you need to clean. You will need warm water, dishwashing liquid that’s preferably de-greasing, baking soda, and vinegar. For the tools, you will need a pastry brush, a good sponge, and a microfiber cloth.  
  2. Make sure that your toaster is unplugged and cool prior to cleaning. You would not want to have any burns while cleaning!
  3. Once your toaster has cooled and ready to clean, get your toaster, and carefully hold it over a sink or trash can and shake off the crumbs underneath. If it has any removable slots or trays, you may take it out and clean it with a pastry brush.  
  4. For any removable trays or components, you may soak it with a cleaning solution. To make your own cleaning solution, combine dishwashing liquid and warm water and allow your trays to soak in the solution and rinse with water afterward. Vinegar could also be added to the solution to add more degreasing activity. 
  5. While you have the crumb tray removed, brush the interior of the toaster with your brush. Make sure that you remove all the crumbs that you can see and reach.  
  6. Clean the exterior of your toaster with the same solution that you used. Be careful enough not to let any liquid go to your toaster’s wirings. 
  7. Wipe the toaster with a sponge dipped in clean water, wipe dry with a cloth, and re-assemble. 

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