Means of Cleaning Your Walls with Wallpaper

You will want to keep your new wallpaper looking as fresh and lovely as the day you got it after spending the time and effort to hang it precisely. 

It is a lot more manageable to clean wallpaper than you would believe. You may accomplish various things with inexpensive House Cleaning materials depending on the placement and type of wallpaper. 

While home décor trends come and go, one thing remains constant: wallpaper styles. Every sort of wallpaper accumulates dust, airborne fat particles, smudge, and fingerprints around light switches. Thus, you need to work on regular House Cleaning. You can keep the wallpaper looking bright and clean with just a few House Cleaning tools and supplies. 

Follow this House Cleaning advice from the House Cleaning professionals of San Diego.

Dusting the Wallpaper

Dust can go missed easily, although it is the leading cause of damaged or worn-out wallpaper. Dusting once or twice a month can help maintain the build-up to a minimum. Therefore, expect a brighter, more vibrant wallpaper. You can dust on any wallpaper if done gently. 

House Cleaning Tip

House Cleaning the wallpaper with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner is the best and most manageable House Cleaning approach from the House Cleaning San Diego team. The brush’s bristles should ensure that the vacuum does not damage the paper, while the suction ensures that you pick up dust directly. 

Wipe the Walls Down 

Wring out a soft sponge dipped in the House Cleaning solution until it is only slightly wet. Begin from the top to the bottom of your wall. Avoid oversaturating your wallpaper or scouring it too hard. Leave the wallpaper to air dry, or dry the walls by hand or with a microfiber cloth. 

Use Soapy Water to Clean Wallpaper

Add a gallon of water with fourteen cups of mild dishwashing soap in a bucket. Then, drop a soft, non-abrasive sponge into the soapy water and ring it out until it is just moist, then wipe the wallpaper clean. 

This soapy House Cleaning mixture should cut through most grease stains if your wallpaper is in the kitchen, but not all that have set in. It may not be able to remove discoloration caused by water or mold. 

Scuffs, Dirt, and Fingerprints Removal

Carefully rub away scuffs, grime, and fingerprints with an art gum eraser. This House Cleaning technique suggested by the House Cleaning specialists in San Diego works on any wallpaper. Wipe away smudges on vinyl and fiberglass papers using a moist sponge and a dot of dishwashing liquid. Using a clean sponge dipped in plain water and wrung until just slightly damp, rinse the area. 

Grease Spots Removal

Using a square of plastic food wrap, liberally coat it in cornstarch. Apply the wrap to the grease spot on the wallpaper and let the cornstarch absorb the oil for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Eliminate the cornstarch with a soft towel and wipe it away. If necessary, repeat the process.

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