Simple Washing Machine Care | House Cleaning San Diego

 Even though washing machines were made for us to have easier and faster House Cleaning, we should, too, be concerned about our little helpers. From House Cleaning San Diego experts: it is also important for you to know how to maintain them.

 That is why for today’s article in House Cleaning San Diego, here are some of the basics to make your washers keep on working.

 House Cleaning tip 1:

Some stains can be removed by the washing machine with the help of the combined powers of your favorite laundry detergent and bleach so there is nothing to worry about. However, if clothes have food stains all over the area, might as well hand-wash. A little help would not hurt. Do not just throw them into your washing machine and let it do the magic because sometimes, it does not work like that. If the enemy is too strong, dilute your laundry detergent to warm water, soak the clothes then let it sit for a couple of minutes. You may also use the washing machine to finish washing the clothes afterward.

 House Cleaning tip 2:

Do not leave the cleaned clothes in your washing machine. Once the work is done, bring the cleaned clothes out, put them in the basket then hang to dry (or throw them in the dryer). Leaving clothes in the washing machine for so long would result to have an unpleasant odor.

 House Cleaning tip 3:

Once you are done using the washing machine, leave the door open for 15-30 minutes or just when the insides of the washing machine have dried completely. This way, you are preventing mold and bacteria from living there due to moisture. After 30 minutes of leaving the door open, grab a thick and absorbent towel just to be sure there will be no to lesser chances of moisture build-up.

 House Cleaning tip 4:

Washing machines have limited capacity too depending on the units or models. Do not overload as it will cause major damages to the machine. Instead, break them into smaller loads.

 House Cleaning tip 5:

Have your washing machine do an over-all clean-up once a month? Fill up the tub with hot water or simply turn on the hot setting if your washer has one, then pour two cups of white vinegar. When it is about to reach the half-cycle, pour half a cup of your favorite laundry detergent.

 I bet you are thinking, would the vinegar smell stay long in my washer? The answer is no. The vinegar does have a pungent kind of smell but believe me, it will be gone once it completely dries up. The acidity of vinegar makes it a very good cleaner plus the power of the hot water. Your laundry detergent will be of help to leave the tub smelling fresh.

 Simple, right? We just have to be more responsible. Let us take good care of our little helpers of House Cleaning. By just doing these House Cleaning San Diego tips in maintaining your washing machines, your washers are safe!

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