Tips to Keep Open Floor Plan Homes Clutter-Free by House Cleaning San Diego

An open floor plan is famous among homeowners who prefer a light and airy atmosphere. The issue is that if anything is out of place in the living room, you can see it from the foyer and dining room. Suddenly, the clutter in the living room is apparent in every adjacent space. Homes with open floor plans are popular, and clutter is a common issue.

House Cleaning San Diego has looked up a few House Cleaning ways to overcome clutter in an open floor plan home to make it organized and tidy.  

Be Sure not to Overcomplicate Stuff

You are more likely to pause at the closer location if you have to walk past the spot where you would usually put something down to get to its allocated room. 

Organize The Entryway and Get Rid of Clutter 

You might feel tempted to leave your purse on the kitchen counter and drape your coat over the nearest chair after a long, exhausting day. Consider how your wallet and sweater appear from different angles in the room. 

Make a place for everything you bring into the house and wear, but discard it quickly. A bench with cubbies and hooks is ideal for storing items that would otherwise become a tangle. 

If you do not have enough room for a bench and cubbies, a row of wall hooks will suffice for some of those things. You can leave your outdoor shoes on a boot tray on the floor. 

Armoires and Closets

The more open space you have, the more closets and furnishings you will need to tuck away unused objects. If your home lacks closet space, you can consider this House Cleaning idea for the future. A skillful carpenter can easily install small closets. 

You can maximize your closets and massive armoires to stock almost everything while keeping the contents hidden. Nobody will know when the doors are locked, and your open floor plan home will appear orderly and tidy. 

If you like inviting guests over at night, consider getting a sleep sofa with storage for the bed linens and towels they will need. 

Daily Clutter Busting

When you see the clutter creeping into your home, you have to work on your House Cleaning tasks before it gets out of hand. Using an empty laundry basket, go through your house room by room, picking up everything that does not belong. Fill the basket as quickly as possible, and repeat if necessary.

Sort through the contents on your dining table or the floor. 

Declutter Your Kitchen

Your kitchen space is almost always apparent in open-concept homes. Keep your kitchen free of clutter because it needs special attention. If you like keeping things on the counter, make sure to store them in a pretty jar or container. 

House Cleaning San Diego has more House Cleaning hacks for your House Cleaning needs. Stay tuned for more House Cleaning updates from House Cleaning San Diego.

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