Top Bathroom House Cleaning Tips by House Cleaning San Diego

It is fair to say that House Cleaning the bathroom is not the most appealing thing to do. Nonetheless, it is a necessary House Cleaning task, and House Cleaning San Diego confesses that the sparkle of limescale-free taps and a spotless shower screen is incredibly satisfying. 

Follow the House Cleaning tips from the specialists to make your bathroom sparkle with the least amount of effort. All will feel much lighter until your bathroom is scintillating. 

Effortless Limescale Removal 

You can extract the dry deposits around your chrome fittings by soaking a microfiber cloth in distilled white vinegar and encasing it around the faucet. 

Allow it to sit overnight before rinsing with warm soapy water. Discard any stubborn deposits with a toothbrush if necessary. 

Showerheads Descaling

In sections with rough water, you have to descale showerheads each month to evade clogging. Soak your showerheads in a House Cleaning solution of half white vinegar and half water overnight before rinsing. 

Restoring the Glory of Your Bathroom Mirror

Black tea will remedy your fogged-up bathroom mirror. Clean your foggy mirror with a blend of a cup of boiling water and a few bags of black tea. Let it cool and disintegrate any grime through the tea’s tannic acid in the House Cleaning solution.

Getting Rid of Mildew and Mold Growth

If your bathroom has mildew or surface mold, a clean dish brush is the House Cleaning tool to help you solve the problem. House Cleaning San Diego recommends you mix six cups of warm water with a quarter cup of bleach to make a mold-busting House Cleaning solution. 

Next, you have to scrub the walls with the House Cleaning solution you made, then clean thoroughly with a bucket or a handheld showerhead sprayer.

You may also apply a paste of baking soda and water to stubborn mold and mildew stains that your dish brush and bleach solution cannot remove. Then, cover the spot with the paste and leave it on for three to four hours, followed by a thorough rinse. 

Use baking soda and vinegar to control the stench of a drain

If your drain is emitting foul odors, a quick solution of baking soda and vinegar will solve the House Cleaning dilemma in no time. 

When the combination of vinegar and baking soda starts to fizz and will help break up any congealed grease in your drain. Lastly, you have to pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar down the drain, then flush it with hot water after half an hour. 

Clean Your Ceilings

Look up, but be prepared to see mildew, spots, and accumulated grime. Fill a mop bucket with equal parts water and white vinegar to clean it quickly. After that, put on goggles or other eye protection. Squish the solution with a long-handled sponge mop.

We desire to supply you with daily House Cleaning techniques for your House Cleaning needs. Stay tuned for more House Cleaning updates!

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