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Who cooks without mess? Probably, no one. At home, kitchen cabinets are prone to be the dirtiest among them, from mise en place to the cooking process, to the aftermath, up until the washing of dishes. House Cleaning is never easy in the kitchen.

Luckily, for households with wood cabinets, you made the right choice. Aside from its versatile look, wood cabinets are durable, easy to repair, and can be refaced with new paint or finish to get rid of any permanent stain there is.  Make your wood cabinets look good as always with some House Cleaning San Diego tips on wood cabinet cleaning.

1. Dishwashing Soap.

This House Cleaning tip is probably the most basic and straightforward. Sometimes, just cleaning up after with warm, soapy water can go a long way. Dishwashing soap is designed to cut through grease on dishes, and will also work on wood. Damp a cloth and wipe the surface. Then, dry up with a different clean towel.

2. Salt and Vinegar.

You may have seen many articles online wherein vinegar is advised in almost all House Cleaning tips. Vinegar’s acidity is most trusted in stain removal on nearly any surface. Mix it with salt, and you got the House Cleaning power duo. If you’ve invested too much in your wood cabinet, you may test it first on an inconspicuous spot to avoid discoloration. Mix both ingredients to form a paste and apply to stains.

3. Baking Soda.

Just like vinegar, baking soda is also one of the House Cleaning San Diego team’s most-relied House Cleaning agents. Baking soda, being abrasive, can get rid of tough grease. First, dissolve an equal part of baking soda into water. Once paste-like consistency is achieved, apply onto stains and wait until the solution dries into a powdery substance.

4. Keep your wood cabinets dry.

Moisture on wood causes the warping. In the kitchen, where countertops are exposed to steaming or any other hot surfaces, make sure you thoroughly dry your cabinets. That also includes all solutions listed above. Letting it sit for a long time may sip onto wood and damage it.

5. Polish.

To give your wood cabinetry that long-lasting, lustrous look, polish its exterior once every few months. If you are new to this, well, some jobs are better left to the professionals.

6. Deep Clean.

Though daily House Cleaning is highly suggested, deep cleaning is equally important. Cleaning further will allow you to check on any damage inside your cabinets – pests, for example, possible leaks, spills, and untightened screws. Also, emptying your cabinets gives you the chance to check on the cabinet’s contents and probably, declutter.

Your choice of the cabinetry comes with both pros and cons. And having wood cabinets means it requires more than the usual House Cleaning. Still, it won’t be the most sought-after option of many households if not for its durability. Paying for something at a high cost means higher maintenance anyways.

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