Assisting the Elderly at Home

house cleaning assistance

Getting house cleaning services in Indianapolis is one of the absolute best ways to help seniors stay in their homes for as long as they want. Having a clean home has a variety of health benefits for people of all ages, particularly senior citizens. We all know that as we age, simple cleaning tasks can become more challenging for our bodies to tackle safely. By bringing someone into the home to help, you can guarantee your beloved family member is living in a clean home, that also protects their health and physical bodies from the strenuous housekeeping workload.

An initial step in the housekeeping process with the senior citizens may be to have a thoughtful discussion about which household chores they feel confident doing on their own. In this manner, we’ll be sensitive enough not to make them feel useless, especially for those who had these workloads included in their daily living. It is also true though that many seniors are still capable of performing common cleaning tasks, however, they should only take the ones that they feel physically and mentally able to complete to avoid possible accidents. For example, it may be easier to sweep than vacuum, which requires more effort – many older adults find that moving around with a heavy vacuum too tiring, so understanding their limitations is key to deciding what they can and cannot do. Another situation could be for those who have 2 or more level houses, we may consider putting on our notes that a safe and accessible place should be reserved on each level for all cleaning supplies that they might need from time to time. This consideration leads our elderly to avoid moving up and down the stairs, which may be a source of an accident. In instances where we can not put all the cleaning materials in all levels of the home as it is not practical to buy 2 of each material like the vacuums or brooms to place on each house floor, transporting a heavy vacuum or mop should be done by a house cleaner or a maid. Holding off on certain tasks until help is available can keep seniors safe. Keep a list of additional tasks that may be difficult to accomplish alone when cleaning such as moving heavy furniture and taking out heavy trash bags that might lead them to lose their balance or break their backs from much weight load.

The report has shown that an estimated 3 million seniors suffer injuries as a result of falls every year. That is why it is very important to send help to the elderly to assist them in enjoying a cleaner space and home. Therefore, one way we can minimize these risks is by leaving and assigning most of the heavy and deep cleaning services and tasks that are difficult for them to complete to a professional house cleaner.

We, at Maggy Maid of Indianapolis, understand that choosing a reputable company that provides deep cleaning services for an elderly family member to guarantee that their home stays clean and that you can trust the people who enter their home is very important. Don’t worry, as our professionally-trained uniformed house cleaners are insured to protect our clients and their homes. We provide excellent and customized Indianapolis house cleaning services to ensure that we’ll cover all the cleaning tasks you need for your family member’s homes, in the way that works best for everyone.