Bathroom Deep Cleaning Guide

deep cleaning in the bathroom

Thinking about deep cleaning services for your bathroom? Well, we all want to come home to a clean bathroom. You can hire a deep cleaning service in Indianapolis to maintain your bathroom fresh and clean. However, if you have time and you do love cleaning, you may want to do it yourself. Weekly cleanings will keep things tidy and prevent bacteria from accumulating, while monthly housekeeping will handle any problem areas. For example, you don’t need to unclog your showerhead on a weekly basis, but you should do so during a deep cleaning to maintain maximum water pressure. Even if kept clean, the bathroom is usually the room in the house that needs the most attention. It simply gets too much use—especially water use—to stay pristine for long.

When you know what you’re doing, deep cleaning isn’t difficult. Here are some bathroom cleaning ideas to make the job easier from deep cleaning service in Indianapolis.

Removing the clutter.

Begin by clearing the items from the bathroom counter. Remove any debris that is getting in the way of a thorough cleaning before your house cleaners arrives.

If you are doing it yourself, collect all used bath and hand towels at this time. Put them in the washing to clean as well.

Wipe down shampoo and conditioner bottles, for example. Also, clean your toothbrush and bathing soap bottles. Later, take them out of the bathroom and dry them somewhere else.

Removing items from the bathroom will allow you to do a deep cleaning services of the floor and walls.

Vacuuming the surfaces.

Vacuuming all surfaces before wiping them down allows you to clean them thoroughly.
Whether you have long or short hair, the majority of it is likely to end up on bathroom surfaces. Apart from hair, dust is always present in the air around us. This is why vacuuming before washing is a good idea to provide you with a clean floor and surfaces to work with.

Connect your vacuum properly and begin vacuuming the entire floor. Remember to clean around and beneath the toilet, as well as under your vanity.

Whether you hire a maid service to do this, make sure that the shower floor, as well as the bathroom counters, are vacuumed properly.

Wiping all surfaces.

Deep cleaning services in your bathroom entail getting into every nook and cranny, even ones you don’t think about very often. Scrub all of the surfaces with a disinfecting spray or wipes. The shower floor is included in all of the surfaces.

When you get maid services, they will clean and sterilize your vanity as well. Cabinet doors, sinks, doorknobs, and faucet handles should all be clean. Wipe the bathroom window and its draw as well.

In your bathroom, sanitize all the surfaces you touch, sit on, and step on.

This will freshen up your bathroom while also promoting proper hygiene.

When you’re through deep cleaning services, don’t forget to clean the vacuum attachment’s head before putting it away.

Cleaning the shower.

As you wait for your deep cleaning services schedule or for the house cleaner to arrive, make an effort to wipe down the walls and doors of your shower after each usage. Deep cleaning should assist remove all of the grime that has accumulated over time, and it will be easier due to the frequent cleaning.

Turn on the water and moisten the shower’s floor and walls. Wetting these surfaces allows you to pinpoint the particular places where you should concentrate your efforts.

Cleaning the toilet.

The bowl is where a good toilet cleaning services hack begins. To clean the surface, use a toilet cleaner and a scrub brush. Allow at least fifteen minutes for the toilet cleaner to sit before flushing it.

Close the toilet lid and disinfect the toilet’s outside with a disinfectant spray. Pay attention to where you grab the seat and the flusher to lift it.

Finally, wipe the toilet bowl rim, the seat, and the area beneath it.

Deep Cleaning the Floors.

Vacuuming the bathroom floors is insufficient for a thorough cleaning. Mopping is required for thorough bathroom cleaning.

Make a bleach solution by mixing a tablespoon of bleach with a professional floor disinfectant and spraying it liberally over the floor. Turn on the shower, close the window, and turn off the vent. Allow the steam to fill the room before shutting the bathroom door and turning off the shower.

Allow the steam to sit for 20 minutes before mopping the floor. Allow air to enter by keeping the door and window open. You’ll have a clean bathroom ready to use after this step.

Indianapolis Cleaning Services say that doing deep cleaning for your bathroom help to keep germs and diseases at bay. It also contributes to a healthy atmosphere for you and your family. If you want your bathroom clean and sparkly without going through all the hassle, hire a professional deep cleaning service in Indianapolis like Maggy Maid house cleaning services.


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