Housekeeping Tips for A Cleaner Home for Our Grandparents

Learning the housekeeping routine with grandparents around

Knowing a few housekeeping tips can be of big help. It is challenging to maintain a clean and safe home environment when you are living with your grandparents. Having them around makes it more difficult to move around to finish your chores. This is why we listed the top 5 most used and effective ways of cleaning with the elderly around.

Top 5 most used and effective way of housekeeping with your grandparents


1. List all your tasks prior house cleaning

Do home cleaning by enlisting some help needed

Professional cleaners knows that having a lot of tasks at hand can be draining. It can be tiring, even before you start your house cleaning routine. This is where simplifying all your tasks needs to take place. Listing your tasks can make your housekeeping routine less devastating and time-consuming.

Below are the things you need to consider in listing your tasks:

  • Prioritize the tasks.  Before starting your cleaning routine, make sure that you categorize your chores depending on the difficulty of implementing it. You may want to start with the most difficult to the least difficult. This is to make sure that you’ll be finishing the hard ones first before you get tired.
  • Break down cleaning tasks. Breaking down tasks can help you finish each task faster. This is because you have set up your mind on what task you would do next.
  • Schedule Label your housekeeping chores. Knowing when to do a particular chore is important, and labeling can help you track your housekeeping records. It can also serve as your own reminder of when to do a certain task. Below are the different Schedule labels you need to know.
      • Daily Cleaning Tasks. These are household chores that you can do in a daily basis. A perfect example of this is floor sweeping and mopping.
      • Weekly Cleaning Tasks. Tasks than can be done weekly, usually it includes changing of linens, bed sheets, and clothe washing.
      • Monthly Cleaning Tasks. Monthly cleaning tasks, includes deep cleaning. And this is usually done, once a month.
      • Seasonal or Occasional Cleaning Tasks. Occasional cleaning, are chores that can be done occasional. Special occasions like birthday. Christmas, and New Year.

2. Establish routines for housekeeping

Create a routine for a house cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Smooth housekeeping depends on the cleaning routine that you have established. One of the reasons why most house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles and other areas of California, like Sacramento and Nashville, spend time creating a routine that is effective enough to be used until the next generation.

Create a regular cleaning schedule that aligns with the elderly person’s energy levels and capabilities. This will make it easier to maintain cleanliness without overwhelming them.

House cleaning routines to add to your list:

  • Dusting. Dust surfaces, furniture, and fixtures regularly to prevent buildup and maintain air quality.
  • Vacuuming/Sweeping. Clean floors, carpets, and rugs to remove dirt, debris, and allergens.
  • Mopping. Wash hard floors with appropriate cleaning solutions to remove stains and bacteria.
  • General Cleaning. This refers to routine cleaning tasks that are typically performed on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness and tidiness throughout the home.
  • Organizing. Organizing involves arranging items in the home in an orderly and efficient manner to optimize space, improve functionality, and reduce clutter.
  • Specialized Cleaning. Specialized cleaning refers to more intensive or less frequent cleaning tasks that target specific areas, surfaces, or items in the home that require extra attention.

3. Make housekeeping easier by using adaptive tools

house cleaning storage tips

House cleaning can be daunting when done manually. That is why cleaning tools were created. They were invented to help makes the cleaning process efficient and less time consuming. Most maid services uses cleaning materials to make their work easier.

Listed below are some of the most used cleaning tools:

  • lightweight vacuums
  • long-handled dusters,
  • ergonomic cleaning supplies

4. Prioritize Safety

listing your house cleaning tasks

Safety should be the number when you created your priority list. As we clean, wetting the floor or pathway is normal. Making it slippery, which needs immediate attention. This could make everyone in the area at risk of accident.

In solution, you need to make sure that you always check the following:

  • Check for any slippery area.
  • Check for any pathway hindrances to avoid fall or hitting on them.
  • Always make sure that you have first aid kit, just in case someone got injured.


5. Enlist Support

safety cleaning services tip

Encourage family members, friends, or professional caregivers to assist with cleaning tasks when needed, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining a clean and safe living environment for the elderly.

While aging is an undeniable aspect of existence, it need not entail forsaking all pleasures. With adequate assistance, seniors can prolong their residence in the comfort of their homes, minimizing potential hazards. If you’re feeling inundated while aiding an elderly relative with household chores, let us lend a hand. Maggy Maid of Indianapolis presents various housekeeping solutions, be it daily, weekly, monthly, or by appointment. Reach out now for personalized quotes and offerings; we’re committed to easing your burdens.


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