Keeping Your Home Smells Fresh

fresh smell after house cleaning service

Similar to how we humans have a distinct aroma, our homes have a distinct odor as well. If you have been to the home of your grandmother or a relative or a friend, you have likely noticed this phenomenon. Smells give us an idea of whether something is clean or not which leads us now to look for tips that may motivate and help us enjoy Indianapolis house cleaning services and practices for a cleaner and fresher home.

To eliminate odors that we don’t want to be present in our house, we often use artificial air fresheners. This, however, is not a permanent solution. If you would like to keep your home’s scent fresh, you may want to follow these tips.

The Removal Of  Unpleasant Smell

A regular maid service would be one of the best factors in having a fresh-smelling home. For instance, having a list of housekeeping duties like the proper disposal of your household garbage can have a huge impact on how your home smells. Make sure to throw away your garbage every day as the smell of your garbage can mix with the air freshener or essential oil diffuser, reducing the fragrance diffusion over time. To neutralize the odor, placing charcoal powder on a linen pouch and placing it under the lid of the trash bin can ease the stench smell of the garbage, as charcoal absorbs both odors and moisture.

Baking soda can also work very well in place of charcoal. It can also be used to eliminate odors in addition to being a great cleaning agent. You can also put some on your carpet, especially if you have pets who like to pee on it or on your couch to absorb unpleasant odors. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes on the carpet and couch, then vacuum it up.

Aiming For Natural Scents

Everyone has a different preference for the fragrances that we want in our home. The options are endless! It may surprise you, however, if you prefer fragrances, that there is a difference between synthetic and natural air fresheners. The use of homemade air fresheners has many benefits over those produced by commercial companies – as with homemade air fresheners, a scent tailored to your taste is safer for your family’s health, while commercially produced air fresheners sometimes contain chemicals that cause allergies and asthma, while also producing fewer environmental impacts.

Do not forget, however, that these fragrances and odors are used just for enhancing and balancing an area’s odor. While these scents may hide the real smell of a place for a while, they will not last forever. This leads us to realize that only regular house cleaning habits are the only way to a fresher and natural smelling home.

Here’s a recipe for a homemade air freshener with basic ingredients that will help in enhancing and giving a signature natural scent to your area:

1 cup water (better if distilled but tap water works fine too)
2 ½ tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or pure vanilla extract
15-20 drops of your desired essential oils ( you can combine two or more essential oils that you love
Just mix everything together. That’s it and you’re good to go!

House Cleaning Requires Consistency

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is the key to maintaining the good odor of your home. Your home will be less likely to smell unpleasant if you will include Indianapolis house cleaning services and practices consistently in your daily schedule. But in reality, with many things happening left and right, oftentimes we find it hard to do house cleaning… especially if there are kids or pets around all the time. There are however solutions to every problem that has the potential to help resolve these issues. One of which is to either hire a personal maid who can do these cleaning routines for you every day or book a professional cleaning service Indianapolis from companies like Maggy Maid which offer highly efficient staff and services that suit your needs.


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