After-Party Clean-Up Tips

maid service after party After-Party Clean-Up Tips

When everyone has left, and the party’s over, you start to worry where your party cleaning task will begin and stop – the flooring, the furnishings, the kitchen, the living room – the House Cleaning list continues!

When you are ready for spills and other post-party House Cleaning activities, you will not feel overwhelmed when it is time for House Cleaning. Here are some House Cleaning ideas and advice from the House Cleaning experts of Irvine for planning and preparing for the clean-up ahead of time.

Ready-to-Grab Cleaning Supplies 

As previously stated, you should not conduct any significant House Cleaning during the party, but you should have a few cleaning supplies ready to manage any party fouls immediately. If you clean up a spilled glass of wine, juice, or punch on your carpet straight away rather than waiting until your party is over, it is much more likely to come out. Similarly, if you can vacuum, sweep, or wipe up crumbs and food spills promptly, you will avoid having to clean them up later.

Kitchen Organizing

Start putting these things back in their places so you can clean the counters and other surfaces that may have been utilized during the party fast. Pour some liquid dishwashing soap on a scrubber, dampen it with water, and scour the surface clean for a quick and efficient House Cleaning of your worktops and island. Finish by wiping it down with a clean, damp cloth, then dry-pat with microfiber towels.

Garbage Collection

Take a large rubbish bag and start filling it with whatever throwaway goods you see cluttering around before crawling into bed. Plastic cups, throwaway cutlery or plates, empty chip packets, soiled napkins, and other items fall into this category. Scrape off dinner plates and toss the food bits into the garbage bag while you are at it.

Ensure you have plenty of garbage receptacles throughout your home so people can dispose of their rubbish without you having to pick it up, House Cleaning Irvine advises.

Overnight Soak for Dirty Dishes

Soak dishes, plates, glasses, and anything else that you have to wash overnight. It will make the cleaning process of washing dried, soiled dishes much easier and faster. So plug your sink and prepare a pail or two to hold all of the used plates. Load the container with sufficient water to soak the unclean contents, leave it to soak overnight, and wash your overnight-soaked dishes.

Wipe Furniture

Even if you did not miss a few sticky stains on your furniture when House Cleaning up the party night, you have to clean the remainder of your furniture. House Cleaning Irvine recommends you use an all-purpose House Cleaning supply and a microfiber cloth once more. If any stains appear, spray them with the cleaning product and wipe them away immediately. Some surfaces, such as wood or chrome, may have specifically formulated cleaners that also assist in polishing the surface; as a result, House Cleaning Irvine recommends you select solutions appropriate for the needs of the furniture in question.


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