Amazing Uses of Toothbrush Holders

deep cleaning toothbrush holders

According to House Cleaning authorities in Irvine, keeping your toothbrush in a toothbrush organizer guarantees that you don’t lose it and that it’s easy to find until you need it. The toothbrush holder could accumulate dirt and hardened toothpaste throughout time. Use mouthwash or vinegar to clean a toothbrush holder. According to House Cleaning pros in Irvine, you can also run the toothbrush holder in the dishwasher to get it nice and clean.

Mouthwash Method

1. In a bowl of mouthwash, soak the toothbrush holder.

According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, mouthwash is a beautiful alternative for cleaning the toothbrush holder because it has antimicrobial properties. In a basin, add one to two cups of mouthwash. Then, for one to two minutes, submerge the toothbrush holder in mouthwash. Make sure the holder is completely immersed in the mouthwash recommended by House Cleaning authorities in Irvine.

  • You may indeed put the mouthwash immediately into the toothbrush holder and let it sit for one to two minutes to clean the container’s interior.
2. Clean the holder

Take the holder out of the mouthwash, according to House Cleaning specialists. Scrub the inside of the holder with a pipe cleaner or a fine brush. House Cleaning experts recommend scrubbing the holder’s corners and sides, as well as the outside of the holder.

  • If you haven’t a tiny brush or a pipe cleaner, House Cleaning specialists advise using a straw cleaner.
3. Cleanse the toothbrush holder thoroughly.

According to House Cleaning specialists, rinse it under running water after you’ve finished washing the holder. Swirl the water in the container a couple of times to eliminate any lingering muck or mouthwash. House Cleaning experts recommend rinsing the holder with warm or hot water.

4. Let the holder dry naturally.

After you’ve rinsed off the holder, let it air dry upside down on a clean towel, according to House Cleaning specialists. Allow the holder to dry for at least one night.

Vinegar Method

1. In a white vinegar solution, soak the toothbrush holder.

A solution of white vinegar and water is also a viable choice. Put one-part white vinegar and one part water in a mixing bowl. Fill a basin halfway with the solution and submerge the container for one to 2 minutes.

2. Brush the holder 

This tool should be taken out of the white vinegar solution. Wash the interior outside of the holder with the pipe cleaner or brush. Ensure you clean all of the corners and sides of the holder.

3. Clean the holder by rinsing it.

Rinse the holder under warm running water a couple of times. It will clear the holder of any remaining muck and vinegar. To clean out the holder, shake the water around in it.

4. Allow it to air-dry overnight.

Place the holder upside down on a clean towel once you’ve finished cleaning it. Let it dry overnight on the towel.

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