Care Tips for Cleaning a Filthy Shower Curtain

Even if you think your home is spotless, there is a good chance you are overlooking one area: the shower curtain.

Shower curtains and liners may be a real nuisance to keep clean, so the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine understand why you do not wash them. However, you must start House Cleaning them because they are unpleasant. According to a study read by the House Cleaning experts in Irvine, your shower curtain has sixty times more bacteria than your toilet seat. It shows that shower curtains and liners are the dirtiest locations in the bathroom. 

Although plastic shower curtains are inexpensive and simple to replace when they become filthy, the cost accumulates over time. Instead of trashing your shower curtains when they start to look a little worn, try House Cleaning them will save you time and money in the long run. House Cleaning your shower curtain can be a quick and straightforward process, explains the House Cleaning team from Irvine, which is a far more cost-effective solution than buying a new one every time any stain arises.

Rather than spending money on a new curtain every month, you may invest a little more time in your bathroom House Cleaning routine and extend the life of your curtain by months or years.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain Made of Cloth

House Cleaning Irvine recommends not cleaning your fabric shower curtain every week because it does not hang immediately close to the water. Washing your curtain once every three months should suffice to keep it in good condition. The most manageable House Cleaning alternative to clean your shower curtain is machine-washing it but ensure to check the care label first all the time.

Take off the shower curtain from the rings or hook and run a gentle cycle in your washer with warm water, the highest water setting, detergent, and a cup of white vinegar. 

Suspend your curtain back on the rod to air dry after the last cycle.

The Most Efficient Means of Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

While vinegar and water rinse can help, work on a regular extensive House Cleaning. Do not wait for more than three months between deep cleanings.

The best House Cleaning approach to clean a shower curtain is tossing it into the washing machine. 

To safely and successfully treat deep-set mildew odors, use a natural, odor-eliminating House Cleaning ingredient in addition to your regular detergent. Then, put your washer in the hottest setting that your shower curtain will allow and let it do its thing. The combination of detergent and washing machine agitation will fully work the soap and odor-absorbing liquid, removing dirt and eliminating odor molecules. Hang to dry after cleaning.

How to Tell if It Is Time to Replace Your Curtains

When visible mold remains after laundering, it is time to get a new curtain/liner. That is when you should toss it away if there are any traces of light brown stains left on it after a cycle in the washer.

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