Carpet’s Homemade Cleaner

Carpet's Homemade Cleaner

The House Cleaning pros of Irvine says, Rugs and carpets can trap all kinds of particles that you’d instead not breathe in, whether you have children or pets running around or solely track dirt from your shoes into your home. Let’s not even get started on the stains.

You wouldn’t want your household products to contain more potentially dangerous stuff in the carpets they’re designed to clean. That is why the House Cleaning team in Irvine rarely uses products containing harsh chemicals, and here is where sustainable carpet cleaning shines.

The House Cleaning team gathered DIY recipes and ingredients that you presumably already have in your household.

Continue reading to find out more.

DIY – Natural Cleaning Solutions 

Water, salt, and vinegar make up the Basic trio.

Fill a big spray bottle halfway with water and the other half with vinegar (2 parts water with one part vinegar). You can increase the number of components depending on your needs.

In a spray bottle, combine the water and vinegar, after which drop one teaspoon of salt for every cup of water.

If you want to spice up your House Cleaning, ten drops of essential oil per cup of water is a good starting point. According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, to avoid staining your carpet, use a clear essential oil rather than one with any color. While lavender is common in cleaning solutions still, it depends on the aroma scene you want to create in the space. You may also try lime, mint, cedar, or rose.

Science Duo- Vinegar and Baking soda.

Baking soda and vinegar, which you can commonly use in science projects, can also be used for House Cleaning.

To begin, sprinkle baking soda over the damaged area. If you want to boost the deodorizing power, add a few drops of colorless essential oil. Allow at least an hour, preferably overnight, for the baking soda to rest on top of the stain.

In a spray bottle, combine equal parts vinegar and water, then squirt the solution over the baking soda. You will have a fizzing reaction as a result. After the mixture has fizzed, blot it up with a clean rag. For extremely persistent places, you may need to repeat the process. Keep in mind that House Cleaning takes time.

Borax+ Salt + Vinegar House Cleaning Solution

Begin by mixing equal amounts of salt, borax, and vinegar in a small bowl or another container. You can add 14 cups of each, recommended by House Cleaning professionals. Upon mixing, you will end up having a paste that you may then use on your carpet.

If you choose this House Cleaning solution, you must wear gloves during the procedure. The gloves will reduce both the spread of bacteria from the blemish element (please do not handle bodily fluids bare-handed) and your skin contact with the irritant borax.

The House Cleaning team in Irvine would want to urge you to stay safe.

Allow the paste to dry for a few hours or until it’s dry after you’ve massaged it into the soiled area. Make sure no dogs or children in your house swallow the concoction. After that, vacuum it up and throw it away. If the stain remains after removing the paste, scrub it with a moist rag, rinsing it regularly if the problem persists.


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