Clean Drapes and Curtains the Proper Way 

Clean Drapes and Curtains

Curtains and drapes should be cleaned every two weeks, but if they’re in a bedroom or someone in your family suffers from allergies (or both), a weekly once-over is even better, according to the House Cleaning pros in Irvine. Regardless of whether you wash or vacuum the panels, you should first give them a good shake outside to remove any surface dust or grime. 

Here’s a step-by-step method to cleaning draperies and curtains from the House Cleaning professionals in Irvine.

Check the Labels

Well-known brands produce high-quality curtains. Labels with washing instructions are equally as important. A care label is not good with drapes made to order. It’s preferable to have them dry cleaned by a professional curtain cleaner who understands how to remove dust effectively, said House Cleaning experts.

‘Dry clean only’ and custom drapes may shrink, lose shape, or be damaged in washing machines. Other reasons to avoid washing drapes that’s according to House Cleaning experts, include:

  • The absence of a label
  • Holes, snags, and fading have already been shown.
  • The cloth isn’t dye-resistant.

Drapes & Curtains Cleaning Safely At Home

Vacuuming often is the safest way to remove dust between professional cleanings, said House Cleaning experts. Professional cleaning guarantees that draperies and curtains keep their color and form while extending their usable life.

Even though the curtains or drapes may be machine-cleaned and dried, dust is also cleaned with a hand-held vacuum, clean cloth or sponge, steamer, or lint roller. 

Pay attention to the folds and suction every surface when vacuuming, said House Cleaning experts. Dust tends to collect in the creases. Remove drape hooks before putting them in the laundry. They have the potential to harm the machine. Follow the washing and drying directions on the tag.

According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, to effectively remove dust and avoid harming drapes or curtains, use the correct washing or drying temperature, carefully observe the label guidelines. The fabric for the draperies and the lining is not the same. Don’t put them in the washing machine if you have any worries.

Curtains & Drapes by Hand

Check for damage, staining, or fading in a tiny inconspicuous section of curtain fabric labeled “hand wash only.” If there are no problems when the cleaning agent dries, the procedure for eliminating dust is safe, said House Cleaning experts.

Curtains and Drapes Steam Cleaning

It is preferable to steam clean window coverings while still hanging, said House Cleaning experts. A step stool will help you to reach high places. Allow the cloth to dry before vacuuming away any remaining particles and dust.

Cleaning curtains and drapes at home are one alternative. However, House Cleaning experts in Irvine suggested hiring a curtain cleaning service is the best way to remove dust from high-quality window coverings. They come to your home and take the utmost care with your drapes and curtains.


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