Closet Rampage: Steps for a Tidy Closet

According to the House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, maintaining an orderly closet will always be an ongoing process (because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing one). Still, there are several ideas you can do to guarantee you never consume more than 20 minutes of preparing your attire again.

To get your closet organized for good, apply these six simple tactics from the House Cleaning experts in Irvine. This may take some time, but we guarantee it will be worthwhile.

1. Sort your clothes into categories and declutter them.

According to the House Cleaning professionals in Irvine, organizing your clothes by category is fast and easy to reduce. It’s exhausting to toss every piece of clothing you possess into a large fabric heap on your bed. Instead, your items should be divided into sections such as trousers, skirts, t-shirt, raincoats, jewelry, and undergarments, per the House Cleaning authorities in Irvine.

According to the House Cleaning specialists, decide to keep only the garments you know you love and wear frequently, rather than items you don’t need or have too many of.

2. Clean and empty your wardrobe.

When you’ve already formed separate “donate” and “keep” stacks for your clothes, footwear, and jewelry, offer your closet a once-over and pick out anything else remaining inside it, per the specialists at House Cleaning.

According to the House Cleaning specialists, delve in and give your closet a genuine deep-clean when only the rare lone safety pin remains. The House Cleaning experts recommend vacuuming the carpet, wiping down the shelves, and scrubbing any scuff marks or grime off the walls.

3. Create the closet of your dreams

Make a note of the best characteristics of your closet, such as horizontal storage, constructed shelves, and multiple hanging hooks. Use this to your advantage, as advised by the House Cleaning pros.

According to the House Cleaning specialists, figure out what you can do to improve the parts of your closet that aren’t so great — for example, your hard-to-reach top shelf or a complete lack of shelving.

4. Sort your clothes into different categories

Store similar objects together. Keep all your belts together, hang your sundresses next to each other, and maintain your exercise clothing and sleepers secure.

5. Anything fragile, elegant, or durable can be hung

Dresses, skirts, and undergarments are examples of delicate things, like fancy items like suits and solid, structured pieces like jackets and blazers.

Hang everything in your closet facing the same way, with longer things on the right and shorter ones on the right, so the base of the clothing makes the upward slope line.

6. Denim and sweaters must be stacked

Place heavy winter coats and rigid denim pants to save important drawer and hanging space (in separate piles, of course). Because these goods are solid and thick, they won’t droop or crumple to keep their shape while stacked, making them ideal for your shelf space.

We try to make life easier for you with regular House Cleaning tips. So come back for more advice from our expert House Cleaning neighbors.

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