Common Chlorine-based Cleaning Products and Its Uses

chlorine based home cleaning products

We usually hear about chlorine or chlorine-based products in House Cleaning. Even water including drinking water and swimming pools has chlorine. What is chlorine and why is it important particularly with House Cleaning products? 

Chlorine has helped people all over the world with its disinfection properties. Chlorine is a chemical element produced from ordinary salt. When combined with other compounds and elements, it is used to make many products that contribute to nutrition, public health and safety, advanced technology, security, and transportation. Food, water and medicines, computers, and cell phones all depend on chlorine chemistry. Many House Cleaning products contain chlorine, including laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, chlorine bleach, chlorinated disinfectant cleaners, mildew removers, and toilet bowl cleaners. Below is the information gathered by House Cleaning experts in Irvine about the items.

These chlorine-based House Cleaning products are found in many household “bleach” products, as well as in specialized products for water chlorination, hospitals, public health, and industrial processes. Below are the common House Cleaning products with chlorine:

•  Liquid Bleach

Scientifically known as sodium hypochlorite, usually a 3–6% solution in water. This sort of bleach is applied in many homes to whiten clothes, purify hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, treat water for drinking, and keep swimming pools free of infectious agents.

•  Bleaching Powder

Formerly known as “chlorinated lime”, usually a mixture of calcium hypochlorite. They are sold as a white powder or in tablets, and are used in the same applications as liquid bleach, but are more stable and contain more available chlorine. This cleaning agent can be present in House Cleaning items in Irvine like laundry detergent.

•   Chlorine Gas

This substance is used as a disinfectant in treating water. It is used to make drinking water and in large public swimming pools.

•   Disinfectants

The generally used chlorine-based House Cleaning disinfectants are monochloramine, halazone, and sodium dichloroisocyanurate. These three have been widely used to disinfect drinking water. Sometimes, they are used as a cleansing agent, biocide, and industrial deodorant.


Disinfectants and other House Cleaning products MUST be used properly and stored in safe places. Please take note of these guides for the proper handling of these items:

  • Do not combine chlorine bleach or any product containing chlorine bleach with ammonia, ammonia-based products, or acidic products. The mixture can be dangerous.
  • Keep chlorinated House Cleaning products away from food.
  • Store cleaning products in areas that are not accessible to children.
  • Do not leave cleaning buckets unattended, regardless of how much amount of liquid it contains. Make sure to empty and thoroughly rinse out buckets after each use for safety.
  • Never remove product labels and store chlorinated products in their original containers.
  • Dispose of any empty House Cleaning product containers immediately. Reuse of such containers can be a hazard, as label instructions and precautions are often product-specific.

Chlorine chemistry is not only functional in household cleaners but also in improving families and the environment. In facing this pandemic, chlorine has a notable use, particularly in healthcare. Therefore, the House Cleaning experts from Irvine recommend taking note of its importance. 


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