Declutter your home checklist

house cleaning sacramento declutter your home checklist

It is all too effortless for clutter to creep up into your home, no matter how neat you are. We have prepared a declutter your home checklist . There are books, mail, school supplies, tax papers, and a slew of other miscellaneous items – not to mention the ones you use frequently but never seem to put away. 

If you do not know where to begin, use these expert decluttering houses with the House Cleaning methods in Irvine to help you regain control of your space. These decluttering House Cleaning strategies will revolutionize your life.

To declutter your home, you will not need any expensive House Cleaning tools, but you will need several baskets or containers for the following House Cleaning purposes:


Items you must recycle, such as paper, plastic, or glass, go in this recycle bin.

Use this container to store goods that require more House Cleaning attention, such as a favorite pair of shoes that you need to clean.


Set aside a basket for goods that are just trash or stuff you may throw away.

Tame Your Spices

Spices, on average, last four years when stored properly. If you have had the same coriander jar for more years than you can remember, it is time to get rid of it. When it is time to organize them, put them in alphabetical order or categorize them by use. Alternatively, acquire one of these convenient spice organizers to handle the work for you.

Set Goals

Set completion dates for each cleanup phase and stick to realistic timelines. Making a declutter your home checklist challenge that feels like a game for yourself will help you avoid frustration during the House Cleaning process.

The House Cleaning timing will depend on the size of your rooms and your home, as well as the number of objects you have in each, says the House Cleaning experts of Irvine. If you aim to declutter room-by-room, a practical and doable House Cleaning objective is to work through one room each weekend.

Avoid Dumping Small Items on Tables

Though it may seem practical, placing your keys, wallet, mail, and other valuables on a small table will quickly make your home feel cluttered. When you have strewn items around because they do not have a clear or intuitive place to go, explains House Cleaning Irvine. So that everything has a place, invest in hooks, catch-all trays, and under-bench storage.

Remove Any Debris From Flat Surfaces

Disarray invites itself to counters, shelves, and other flat surfaces. It is fine if you need to keep a few things on your counters, but you should make it a mission to clear all surfaces of the majority of clutter. Make room for paper goods in drawers or on shelves with small boxes or bins. You can keep the small appliances you frequently use on kitchen countertops, but you have to store them away or give those you frequently use.


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