DIY House Cleaning Ways to Preserve Sparkly Kitchen Countertops

house cleaning to preserve sparkly kitchen

A clean and shiny countertop is a star in the kitchen. One look at it, and you’ll feel like the family’s always ready for dinner. But, without any House Cleaning and maintenance, dull-looking and nasty kitchen countertops can be quite a turnoff. Thus, they are always the make it or break it off your kitchen.

Are you worried about keeping them sparkling clean? House Cleaning Irvine got some DIY methods to clean and maintain them shining. Without breaking your pockets, give back your kitchen countertops their shine using these DIY cleaners.

1. A mild detergent and warm water — this shall be your daily house cleaning routine.

  • After every cooking session, clean the surface using a clean cloth soaked in water with detergent.
  • Wipe dry with a different cloth afterward.

2. Vinegar and water — this is a house cleaning solution for almost anything except granite and marble.

  • With a ratio of 2 cups:1 cups, mix vinegar and water and transfer the solution to a spray bottle. You can make more if you intend to use it for future house cleaning errands.
  • Spray around the kitchen countertop and leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes, or as needed.
  • Dry the counter with a clean fabric.

3. Baking soda and water.

  • Mix to make a rough paste and get rid of countertop stains by gently buffing the affected area using the textured side of the sponge.
  • Rinse with water and wipe until completely dry using a soft, clean cloth.

4. Dishwashing liquid, isopropyl alcohol, and warm water — some kitchen countertops require less house cleaning to keep them clean and shiny.

  • Mix a few squirts of dish soap, water, and ¼ cup of alcohol.
  • Apply onto the countertop to shine the surface and make it germ-free, as alcohol will serve as your disinfectant.

Disclaimer: Know what type of stone your kitchen countertop is. Not all house cleaning solutions are appropriate to all. You better spot-check first or check on your manufacturer.

Prevention has always been better than cure. Thus, following these habits may not require you to opt for an expensive choice of calling House Cleaning professionals in Irvine.
  • Make use of chopping boards. Laminates only protect most kitchen countertops. Thus, cutting or chopping directly onto the surface may cause the laminates to peel off.
  • Caused by chopping, laminates might have had cuts already. Never flood your countertop with water as it might seep in through holes and corners and may cause the laminates to swell and store water. Which obviously, will be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Granite and acid don’t go well together. The slightest contact with any acidic substance will cause irreparable damage to your kitchen countertop. So you better sip on that wine away from your granite kitchen countertop.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners on countertops, as they’ll dull the finish.
  • Resealing kitchen countertops at least once every year is still suggested by House Cleaning Irvine.

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