Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

Your holiday visitors are due to arrive in 15 minutes, and your home is not spotless. Don’t be alarmed! Here are tips for cleaning your home in 15 minutes or creating the impression of having a tidy home. Here are some tactics from House Cleaning experts in Irvine.

House Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

  1. Cleaner for the vacuum.
  2. Dusting pads and a disposable floor mop
  3. To dust visible surfaces, use dry dust cloths.
  4. Disinfectant wipes are designed to clean a variety of surfaces.
  5. Paper towels will assist you in swiftly drying damp surfaces and buffing them to a high sheen.
  6. Disposable cleaning heads for toilet scrubbers
  7. An air freshener may rapidly refresh the air in your home.

House Cleaning: Focus on certain rooms

  • When guests arrive, your time together may be confined to specific areas. 
  • The kitchen, a bathroom, and a gathering place, such as a den or dining room, are usually included. 
  • Focus on these areas because most visitors will not travel to other rooms or open closets. 
  • Spend an additional minute or two in the bathroom if you want to prioritize, as a dirty bathroom might be noticeable to a guest, said House Cleaning authorities in Irvine.

House Cleaning: Make use of the bigger space

If you’re going to clean anything, you may as well clean the floors in common areas. Sweeping the kitchen’s floor and vacuuming the room may only take a few minutes, but they may make a significant impact in terms of perception and overall look. If anything, the tracks left on a recently vacuumed carpet may give guests the impression of a more thorough cleaning. 

House Cleaning: Organize your clutter

A home can get cluttered over time. Concentrate on “picking up.” Ideally, you’d put everything back where it belongs, but with the clock ticking, it might be wise to:

Go through the home with a washing basket or unused tote bags, collecting everything for that location.

  • Place the washing basket and bags in a room where they hide. 
  • Stuffing goods in a closet or under the bed is another option, and your home is already congested; locations are likely to be taken up by prior de-cluttering activities.

House Cleaning: Checklist for House Cleaning

Make a list of your priority rooms before you begin: Make a quick list of the rooms that will be used and concentrate your efforts there (usually the kitchen, a bathroom, the dining room, and the sitting room). Put the list and a pen in your pocket and start crossing things off as you go. Important areas checklists from House Cleaning professionals in Irvine are below to assist you in getting started.

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathroom
  3. Room to eat
  4. Room for sitting
  5. Areas in common

Remember that there is no time for extensive House Cleaning, and you must still allow yourself time to prepare. Wherever possible, use your best judgment to forego cleaning, said House Cleaning pros in Irvine.


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