Household Chores Hacks to Make Your Cleaning Tasks More Manageable

Stain removal materials use for House cleaning in Los Angeles

Our List of Efficient Housework Cleaning Hacks

The Maggy Maid Irvine professional house cleaning team created a list of the most efficient house cleaning hacks that they learned over the years. No matter what you are trying to clean, this list will save you time and effort! effectively conserve time and energy with by following these cleaning techniques. 

Daily Cleaning of Toilet

Here’s our helpful tip to maintain a fresh and clean toilet: before heading to bed, sprinkle a few teaspoons of baking soda into the toilet bowl. Allowing it to sit overnight works wonders in deodorizing and removing unpleasant odors. In the morning, give the bowl a brief 10-second scrub with a toilet brush to remove stains. Then, simply flush the toilet to reveal a fresh clean bowl. This routine helps to keep your toilet looking new with minimal effort.

Daily Toilet Cleaning - Maggy Maid Irvine

Vacuum Everywhere

How often should you vacuum your home? That depends on several factors, including the number of people in your house, whether you have pets, and the type of flooring you use. The more traffic a room gets, the more frequently it needs to be vacuumed. For example, bedrooms and home offices should be vacuumed at least once a week. While areas with high traffic, like kitchen, living room, and children’s playrooms, should be cleaned at least twice a week.

Use Microfiber Cloths

To optimize your home cleaning efforts with microfiber cloths, follow our simple technique: fold them into quarters to maximize their utility with multiple cleaning sides. It’s essential to use high-quality microfiber cloths to achieve best results. These cloths have the ability to effectively clean with just water, making them an eco-friendly and economical choice. Additionally, you can enhance their cleaning power by pairing them with your preferred cleaning products and disinfectants. Whether tackling everyday spills or deep cleaning tasks, microfiber cloths offer versatility and efficiency for all your daily cleaning needs.

Microfiber cloths - Maggy Maid Irvine

Make The Most if Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher has become an essential part of modern kitchen, offering a convenient solution to dish cleaning. However, achieving optimal results goes beyond simply loading and pressing start. For best results, it’s crucial to implement techniques, effective maintenance, and make sure to organize dishes. These six practical tips will guide you on how to use a dishwasher efficiently, ensuring spotless dishes with every cycle.

  1. Pre-Rinse Wisely: Only pre-rinse dishes when necessary to conserve water and energy, as modern dishwashers are designed to handle most food residues effectively.

  2. Avoid Overloading: Don’t overcrowd the dishwasher, as this can affect water circulation and compromise cleaning performance. Allow adequate space between items for optimal results.

  3. Proper Placement: Properly arrange dishes in the dishwasher, ensure that the water and detergent can reach all surfaces effectively. Load items according to their size and shape, placing larger items along the sides and back for unobstructed cleaning.

  4. Proper Cycle Selection: Choose the appropriate wash cycle based on the level of soiling and type of dishes being cleaned. Opt for shorter cycles for lightly soiled items and heavier cycles for heavily soiled pots and pans.

  5. Monitor Water Temperature: Check that your dishwasher’s water temperature is sufficiently hot to activate detergent and remove stubborn stains. Aim for a temperature of around 120°F (49°C) to 140°F (60°C) for optimal cleaning results.

  6. Regular Maintenance: Keep your dishwasher in top condition by cleaning the filter, spray arms, and door seals regularly. Periodically run cleaning cycles with specialized dishwasher cleaners to remove buildup and prevent odors.

By following these practical tips, you can ensure that your dishwasher operates efficiently, delivering clean dishes with every wash cycle.

Remove Sink Stink with Lemons

When kitchen sink stinks or look dull, cleaning with lemon can restore shine and smelling fresh.

You’ll need two lemons and salt.

Step 1: Slice the lemons in half.
Step 2: Sprinkle salt on the sides and bottom of your sink basin.
Step 3: Clean the basin using the lemon halves. The citric acid will cut grime, while the salt will help with the scouring process.
Step 4: When you’re finish, don’t forget to rinse the sink with warm water.

Surprising uses for dryer sheets around your home - Maggy Maid Irvince

Repurpose Dryer Sheets

Why You Should Keep Your Used Dryer Sheets?

If you use dryer sheets to keep your clothes static-free, don’t throw them away. Put a basket in the laundry room to hold your used dryer sheets and make any of the following household tasks easier.

Around the House

  • Wipe your clothes or furniture to help remove pet hair.
  • Wipe your baseboards to lift dust and help repel it.
  • Keep window blinds clean longer by wiping them down with a used dryer sheet.
  • Wipe ceiling fan blades.
  • Remove soot from candle holders with a light scrub

For the Laundry

  • Stuff in any pair of stinky shoes to help freshen up.
  • Clean an iron by rubbing a used dryer sheet over it.
  • Wipe down the inside of your dryer and the lint tray to help pick up stubborn dust and lint.
  • Remove deodorant marks on clothes by lightly rubbing.
  • Tuck a few used sheets in your dresser drawers for a nice, light scent.

In the Office

  • Wipe and dust the television or computer screen. Dryer sheets’ anti-static properties help repel dust and lint.
  • Freshen a book by putting it into a large plastic baggie with a used dryer sheet or fold a piece or two within the pages of the book itself.
  • Wipe scissor blades with to sharpen them and get clean cuts again.

In the Bathroom

  • Wet a used dryer sheet with a few drops of water and wipe it on bathroom surfaces (faucet, shower doors, etc.) to remove soap scum and residue.
  • Help remove glitter nail polish by soaking a used dryer sheet in nail polish remover.
  • Eliminate hat head and flyaways by running a used dryer sheet on hair.
  • Scrub toilet rings with used dryer sheets.
  • Polish eyeglass lenses (don’t use on plastic lenses).

In the Kitchen

  • Clean up dry spills (like flour in the kitchen or sawdust in the garage) with a used dryer sheet.
  • Wet a dryer sheet and use it to clean stubborn food off cookware.
  • Toss a used sheet into a sheet pan that’s soaking to help loosen cooked-on food.
  • Help keep garbage can odors at bay by tossing used dryer sheets in there.

In the Yard

  • Put a used dryer sheet in the bottom of a planter or pot to keep soil from falling out of the drainage hole.
  • Stuff used sheets into toilet paper rolls to use as a fire starter for camping or a backyard bonfire.
  • Wet the used sheet and use it to scrub bugs from the front of your car.
  • Dust your car’s console and dashboard with used dryer sheets.

Managing cleaning tasks effectively is all about organization, planning, and utilizing smart strategies. By breaking down larger cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable steps, prioritizing your cleaning needs, and incorporating time-saving techniques, you can streamline your cleaning routine and achieve better results in less time.

Remember to create a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

If you find that your cleaning responsibilities are becoming too hard or time-consuming, consider reaching out to our professional cleaning service for help.

Contact Maggy Maid Irvine today for a free cleaning quote and take the first step towards a cleaner, more organized home. Let us handle the dirty work while you focus on enjoying your time and space to the fullest.


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