Functional DIY Shelving Ideas

DIY shelves maid service

DIY crafting is an efficient House Cleaning task. Building your shelving units can save you money while also giving you the exact aesthetic you want. The House Cleaning experts of Irvine provide you with these DIY shelf ideas that are so simple that anyone can do them. When it comes to DIY home tasks, creating DIY shelves is not that complicated compared to putting up ready-made ones. Prepare to maximize your storage space with the House Cleaning recommendations in this article. 

The most fabulous House Cleaning part about making your bookshelves is that you get to pick the style, materials cost, and level of complexity. Let these House Cleaning suggestions assist you in becoming more organized, as well as adding to your home’s aesthetic. After learning the following recommended shelving designs brought to you by House Cleaning Irvine, you might realize that you have a bare wall space in your home that could use some shelving. 

Shelf ideas do not have to be dull; there are various ways to combine them to make creative wall art or even use a new shelving unit as a focal point in a room.

∎ Shelves with Pegboard

DIY pegboards are an excellent House Cleaning option if individual shelves are too dirty and congested for your walls. You will create more room for your mirrors, vases, plants, frames, and other decors. Also, the large wooden wall-covering will warm up your home.

∎ Wooden Barn Shelf

These DIY barn shelves are a lot of fun to make. Even the frosted mason jars she has on display are lovely.

∎ Kids Bookshelves

Installing kids’ bookshelves is not only a functional House Cleaning idea, especially in a smaller space that could do without a separate bookshelf, but they are also a fun technique to cover up a wall. Children’s book covers are always radiant and colorful, so your children will have no trouble selecting a bedtime story.

You could also utilize this DIY House Cleaning shelving idea in a separate room for adult novels, which would be effective. If you have a few beautiful coffee table books that you would like to showcase more prominently, you may add them to adorn the space.

∎ Shelves made of copper pipes

With these super-easy shelves, you can put an unused copper pipe to efficient use. You only need basic building abilities and long flat areas to set the pipes on for this project.

∎ Shelf for Quilting Hoops

Having a round shelf is ideal for displaying your favorite small items by adjoining three quilting hoops.

∎ Wagon in Red

Consider repurposing a rusted red wagon into a bookcase if you have one in your garage or buy one for cheap at a yard sale. Use a miniature wagon, a piece of wood cut to the wagon’s length, and some piping in your DIY project. House Cleaning Irvine recommends you clean the wagon before slicing it in half lengthwise. The piping was placed underneath the wood to create a towel bar, and the wood became the rear side of the shelf.


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