Get Rid of That Stubborn Chewing Gum

6 Innovative House Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

Tired of dealing with sticky chewing gum that refuses to budge? Look no further than Maggy Maid, your ultimate solution to this pesky problem. We understand the frustration of finding gum stuck to your favorite belongings or carpets, and that’s why we’re here to help. With our specialized expertise and efficient techniques, we guarantee to remove every last trace of chewing gum, leaving your surfaces pristine and gum-free. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to tackle even the most stubborn gum residues. Don’t let chewing gum ruin your day any longer. Trust Maggy Maid to restore cleanliness and freshness to your home or business. Experience hassle-free gum removal like never before. Say goodbye to sticky situations – book our services today and reclaim your gum-free space!

While chewing gum isn’t recommended for children under age seven, many have tried it at a far younger age. A preschooler who isn’t used to the sensation of chewing something, keeping it in their mouth for a long time, and not swallowing will be tempted to pull something out of their mouth. So, be prepared in case something sticky comes up in their mouth and you found it during your House Cleaning schedule in Irvine.

The House Cleaning specialists from Irvine suggest ways to get rid of stubborn gum from clothing, hair, upholstery, and shoes with standard House Cleaning supplies. Using some House Cleaning items, you may swiftly remove gum from clothing, hair, carpet, and shoes.

How to Remove Gum from Hair

Put the house cleaning scissors or any scissors away! Peanut butter is a tried-and-true way to get gum out of your hair. Wait a few minutes before covering the gum with creamy peanut butter with your fingers or an old toothbrush. It will be simpler to gently work out of hair since the fats and oils will solidify and make the gum less sticky. Wash your hair afterward and wipe away any remaining peanut butter with a cloth.

How to Remove Gum from Clothing

Ice can stiffen gum and make it less sticky. Once all the chewed gum has been removed using your fingers, place ice cubes in a freezer bag and place that bag on top of the remaining gum until it stiffens. Remove the gum gently with an old toothbrush and scrape away any remaining pieces with it.

You can also use white vinegar, the multipurpose house cleaning solution of every home. In a small saucepan, heat the vinegar. Dip a toothbrush in hot water and scrub the stained garment with it.

How to Remove Gum from Carpet

Gum on carpets or fabric upholstery isn’t the end of the world, as it turns out when you are doing some house cleaning services in Irvine. Revert to the clothing procedure and freeze the gum before peeling it away rather than using scissors.

To weaken the gum and make it easier to remove, you can use oil. While doing some House Cleaning chores, you can wait about 10 minutes after rubbing the gum all over with an oil-soaked cloth. Carefully peel it up with a butter knife. To make sure the oil doesn’t damage the carpet or upholstery, test it on an inconspicuous area first. Then, clean the sticky area with dish soap and warm water afterward to remove any residue.

How to Remove Gum from Shoes

Take a glance at the sidewalk the next time you go for a walk. When you arrive home before accomplishing your house cleaning routine and discover you’ve picked up a chewy hitchhiker, spray it with some WD-40 and wipe it down. The spray will dissolve the gum in about a minute, making it easy to remove with a rag or paper towel.


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