House Cleaning Hacks on How to Clean the Microwave Quickly

house cleaning services quickly clean the microwave

One of the most commonly used kitchen equipment is the microwave oven. Food, grime, and oil build up over time with everything you heat up in your microwave. If you don’t clean it right after using it to heat your meal, it’ll solidify and be much more difficult to remove. Furthermore, germs will accumulate if your kitchen isn’t regularly on your House Cleaning task list, and your kitchen will begin to smell.

All of this may be avoided by using the House Cleaning team in Irvine’s tried-and-tested microwave cleaning methods. Take a look at several House Cleaning instructions down the page and see how quickly you can clean a microwave!

• The Paper Towel Method

If the interior of your microwave doesn’t appear like a nuclear explosion, a few damp paper towels will do the House Cleaning trick from Irvine for you. Run your microwave for about 5 minutes on high with the paper towels inside. You may use this technique to generate steam in your microwave, which will help you clean it of grime and other impurities. It may also be a starting point for more complex House Cleaning, such as unsticking a piece of sticky food.

House Cleaning Reminder: When cleaning your microwave, stay away from harsh chemicals. When keeping this in mind, you don’t inadvertently ingest any chemicals when heating food or drinks.

• The Vinegar and Water Method

You have a lot of control over the vinegar-to-water ratio. Remember to dilute your vinegar with water before using it to lessen its potency. One spoonful of vinegar to one cup of water works well for minor stains. Add additional vinegar if this doesn’t work for you. If the stains persist, use a 2:1 vinegar-to-water ratio. For stubborn grease and mold, though, this is what you want to use. Cleaning your microwave using one-to-one or highly diluted solutions is considerably more common.

House Cleaning Reminder: This task works better with white vinegar.

• The Dishwashing Liquid Method

First, warm water and dishwashing liquid go into a bowl. Using a sponge, soak and wring out the water until it is foamy. Clean the turntable using a soapy sponge. Then, let it air dry after rinsing it off. Next, use a wet paper towel or cloth to wipe out the microwave and remove any remaining crumbs. Start at the top and work your way down the interior of the container with the soapy sponge. Wash the top, sides, bottom, and door in a circular motion to prevent suds from getting into the vents. Repeat this House Cleaning method with fresh suds to ensure that all of the dirt has been removed.

The House Cleaning experts in Irvine suggest cleaning your microwave once a week to once every three to four weeks to prevent bacteria buildup and unpleasant odors in your kitchen. Make sure you don’t allow the dirt to sit for too long before cleaning it up.

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