House Cleaning Hacks Using an Old Toothbrush

5 House Cleaning Hacks to Clean an Old Toothbrush

A toothbrush is likely on of the first things that come to mind for most people when thinking of old personal items that can still be utilized to help clean the house. 

Here’s some of our genius hacks that makes our retired toothbrush better for cleaning

Why Toothbrushes Are Great for House Cleaning?

Toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas like window tracks, shower tracks, around faucets, sink drains, and grout lines.

While you could buy special cleaning brushes, toothbrushes are a great way to recycle and repurpose something you already have. Plus, they’re easy to find.

We suggest keeping an old toothbrush in each of your cleaning caddies—under bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink. They’re handy to have alongside your other cleaning supplies for those detailed cleaning tasks.

Old Toothbrush for House Cleaning - Maggy Maid Irvine

A Smarter Way to Recycle Old Toothbrushes for Cleaning

We already mentioned that toothbrushes are already great for cleaning small, intricate spots, but you can make them even more effective with a simple modification. By bending the necks or heads of your old toothbrushes, you can reach tricky areas even better.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Boil and Soften: Boil a pot of water and drop in the toothbrush for about 10 minutes.
  2. Bend: Carefully remove the toothbrush using pliers or tweezers and bend the plastic to your desired shape.
  3. Alternative Method: You can also use a lighter to heat and soften the plastic before bending.

This simple alteration makes your old toothbrushes even more versatile for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots.

10 Other Unusual Things You Can Clean Using an Old Toothbrush

1. Toaster Oven:
Have you checked your toaster oven lately? It’s probably full of crumbs and burnt-on residue. Unplug it and use a dry toothbrush to get the crumbs out, then clean the grill in the sink with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

2. Appliance Gunk:
Dip an old toothbrush in soapy water and use it to clean between appliance knobs and buttons, and around raised-letter nameplates.

3. Blinds:
Blinds can get incredibly dusty. Toothbrushes are great for cleaning the nooks and crannies in slatted blinds and mechanisms like curtain tracks.

4. Garbage Disposal:
Cleaning the garbage disposal might seem impossible, but a toothbrush can help. Use it to clean the splash guard, where food often builds up. Lift each flap individually and give it a scrub.

5. Corn Silk:
Before cooking shucked corn, gently rub down the ear with an old toothbrush to brush away the remaining clingy strands of silk.

6. Waffle Iron:
A clean, soft toothbrush is perfect for cleaning crumbs and burnt batter from the nooks and crannies of a waffle iron. You can also use it to spread oil evenly on the waffle iron surface before the next use.

7. Flyaway Hairs:
Spray hairspray on a toothbrush that you don’t use and comb back the small hairs that always get in your face. This simple trick helps you achieve a more polished hairstyle.

8. Espresso Machine:
Espresso lovers know how finely ground the coffee can be. To keep it from clogging the filter screen, scrub the screen gently after each use with a soft toothbrush. Remove any remaining bits with a straight pin.

9. Juicer Pulp:
Electric juicers can trap fruit particles. Disassemble the juicer, wipe out the pulp, and fill your sink with hot, soapy water. Soak everything but the motor casing for ten minutes, then scrub with a soft toothbrush. Dry well, reassemble, and juice away!

10. Vegetables:
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean mushrooms and other sensitive vegetables before cooking. A medium- or hard-bristled brush works well for potatoes.

How to Clean a Toaster Oven With Toothbrush - Maggy Maid Irvine

Additional Uses of Toothbrush in House Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning: Old toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning around sink edges and faucets, where food particles can get trapped and mildew can grow. It’s essential to keep these areas extra clean since they come into contact with your dishes. If you have an under-mount sink, you can use an old toothbrush to clean underneath.

Bathroom Cleaning: Use an old toothbrush to clean around sink edges and faucets in your bathroom. Additionally, a separate toothbrush is ideal for cleaning around the screws and hinges on your toilet.

Cleaning Your Baby’s Room: When cleaning your baby’s room, use an old toothbrush to clean the hinge area on the diaper pail, which can be a particularly dirty spot.

These are just a few ways to repurpose an old toothbrush for cleaning around your home. Keep a few spares on hand for those unexpected tight spots that need a thorough scrub.

If you need professional House Cleaners and Maids, our team at Maggy Maid Irvine will be happy to provide you an obligation free cleaning service quote.


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