Cleaning tips for Curtains and Drapes

Cleaning tips for Curtains and Drapes

The House Cleaning professionals in Irvine said that examine the window treatments in your living room carefully. Dark-colored curtains are prone to attracting dust. Even though your curtains appear to be clean, they may be hiding dirt, hair, mold spores, pollen, and other allergens that cause you to sneeze. With these suggestions, you can learn how to clean curtains and drapes. Then, incorporate these Cleaning tips for Curtains and Drapes for your seasonal cleaning regimen to keep your window treatments looking beautiful for years to come.

Your curtains or drapes are most likely a beautiful complement to the decor of your house. After all, these long, flowing, elegant window treatments frame your windows and give flair and individuality to a room. According to House Cleaning experts, cleaning techniques differ depending on the cloth. Check the label for cleaning codes and advice before you begin. If you can’t find a tag, try the cleaning methods from the House Cleaning professionals from Irvine below for the best results.

For Garment Fabric Curtains     

House Cleaning experts are very familiar with this job. Eliminate the fasteners and carry the curtains as far outside as possible to remove any dust. Wash two panels at a time in cool water with a light detergent. To dry, use the lowest heat setting. Remove the item from the dryer and hang it immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Laced Curtains or Sheer   

It’s better to wash these delicate textiles by hand or in a mesh bag to avoid snagging. Use cold water and mild detergent regardless of the technique you pick. If washing it manually, soak one panel at a time in soapy water for 15 minutes in a sink or basin. Swirl it around and rub smoothly with two hands and then empty and refill the basin with water, repeating the process until there is no soap residue left.

Submerge newly washed sheer or lace curtains in a sink of cold water with one cup of dissolved Epsom salt to restore a crisp feel. Drain the sink after 10 minutes of soaking and carefully push the water out of the curtain. But don’t rinse it. Before rehanging the curtain, hang it to dry on a shower rod or a laundry line. These techniques for House Cleaning are very effective. 

Curtains for Dry-cleaned Only

Dry cleaning is best for velvet or lined drapes. House Cleaning experts want to make sure, blot a hidden place with a damp white towel to test the colorfastness. If the color transfers to the fabric, send the curtains to be dry cleaned.

If your curtains are outdated and you’ve been debating whether or not to replace them. If this is the case, you may have to wash them at your own risk. While washing dry-clean-only curtains, wash one panel at a time in cold water, either by hand or on the gentle cycle. After the process is complete, remove the drape and hang or lay it flat to dry. To avoid shrinking, never put a dry-clean-only curtain in the dryer, an insider House Cleaning tip.

Curtains that aren’t removable

If non-removable curtains or cornices, you can vacuum them with the brush attachment, and these aids detachable curtains in remaining clean between washings. A steam-cleaning wand is another alternative. This approach from House Cleaning is only suitable for curtains that can be machine washed. Use these Cleaning tips for Curtains and Drapes for your home.


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