House Cleaning Tips on Proper Folding Techniques

House Cleaning Tips on Proper Folding Techniques

You can maximize space inside your wardrobes and dresser drawers while keeping everything orderly and readily accessible by using several clever folding House Cleaning techniques.

Choose the optimal folding House Cleaning strategy for your space constraints and storage preferences from the several fold options available on most items. The House Cleaning pros of Irvine have looked up the most efficient means of folding your clothes.


Instead of stacking tees above one another and then sifting through the pile, this House Cleaning strategy allows shirts to stand erect. 

  • Fold one of the shirt’s sides inwards toward the center.
  • Return the sleeve to its original position away from the shirt’s center.
  • Fold the sleeve down toward the shirt’s bottom hem if you are folding a long-sleeve tee. The sleeve should be in the shape of an upside-down L.
  • Reverse the House Cleaning procedure on the other side of the shirt.
  • To make the shirt seem like a rectangle, fold the collar back to the bottom hem.
  • Fold the shirt in half again with care so that you may store it upright in a drawer or storehouse container.

Jeans & Pants

  • Folding pants is a manageable House Cleaning task, the House Cleaning crew Irvine believes. The only House Cleaning decision you will have to make is whether to do them in thirds or quarters. A quarter fold may be favored to a third fold for long pants or narrower drawers. 
  • To stack your folded trousers pleasantly, try to balance the size of your drawer to your final folded pants.
  • Push your hand inside each of the front pockets to make them lay flat against the front of the jeans.
  • Vertically fold the pants in half so that the front side is facing out. Pull and smooth the seams to get the pants as flat as possible.
  • Fold one-third of the way up the bottom hem or in half if you are folding into quarters.
  • Fold the cuff up to the sought final size of folding shorts.
  • Fold the top portion down to reach the lower leg folded up or fold in half again.

Slacks and Pants

To retain your slacks in ready-to-wear condition and your wardrobe or drawers arranged, apply one of these folding techniques brought by the House Cleaning experts of Irvine.

Method of Creased Folding

To keep the creases sharp, line up seams and hems.

  • Press the bottom hems upside down and meet the inseams to the outer seams, maintaining the crease crispiness.
  • Fold in half and hang on a pants hanger, or fold in thirds and store in a drawer.
  • It may seem illogical to put your socks perpendicular to each other, but once you see how clean it looks, you will know why.
  • Form a cross by laying each sock perpendicular to the others.
  • Bring one toe across the sock and tuck it beneath the other.
  • Fold that same sock’s top across.
  • Rep with the second sock.
  • Form a square by tucking the two ends that are jutting out into the middle.

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