House Cleaning Wood Furniture Using Four Easy Tips

House Cleaning Wood Furniture Using Four Easy Tips

If you clean your appliances and other things at home, there is no reason why you should not clean your furniture made of wood. House Cleaning wood furniture is a little different because it requires extra care from you especially if they have been around for a long time to prevent damage. The House Cleaning experts in Irvine know that cleaning furniture is not easy especially if you are not very fond of cleaning wood furniture. With this, here is an article to help you so that you will have fun and enthusiastic feelings in cleaning your fixture made of wood.

The House Cleaning team in Irvine guaranteed the four easy steps to clean your wood furniture.

That is why without further ado, here are tips for cleaning wood furniture.

1. Dusting Regularly.

Dust is one of the main causes of dirt on your wood furniture. It can also cause any illness just as asthma if left alone on your wood furniture. So it is worthwhile to remove the dust regularly on your wood furniture using a lambswool duster. The House Cleaning experts recommend that you regularly vacuum carpets, upholstery, and fabric because that’s where the dust will often start to get on your furniture. Furthermore, use dry, soft cloths and feather dusters because they are effective dust removal tools in your wood furniture.

2. Avoid using all-purpose cleaning sprays.

As much as possible, avoid using all-purpose House Cleaning sprays just like pure olive oil to clean wood furniture. Please bear in mind that wood furniture is not the same as kitchen tables and chairs where all-purpose cleaning sprays can be used. Moreover, the House Cleaning team in Irvine suggests using soap and water on the sticky spots by dipping a lint-free cloth in mild soap or detergent dissolved in water and gently wiping the dusty area.

3. Applying for wax.

Another House Cleaning tip for your wood furniture is to use paste wax. Yes, you heard it right! Wax can help to improve the good appearance of your furniture because it protects the manufacturer’s finish of your fixtures. Furthermore, wax can provide a hard finish and long-lasting protection of your wood finishing when House Cleaning. It can also prevent dust from settling on your wood furniture’s outer surface.

4. Using a commercial cleaning product.

It is also impossible not to use non-commercial cleaning products in cleaning your furniture, especially those that are old and have sentimental value in your life. Having an older piece of fine wood furniture or a delicate family heirloom is very crucial in terms of cleaning.

You can use 0000 steel wool to work with the grain. If you want to restore the appearance of your wood furniture just like sun fading, use a commercial finish restoring product. Moreover, the House Cleaning experts in Irvine recommend using orange oil or wax-based conditioner to prevent drying and cracking of your wood furniture.

Now, you have to clean wood furniture Using those four Easy Tips!


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