How to Clean Light Fixtures

How to Clean Light Fixtures

While doing House Cleaning, light fixtures might not be at the front of your to-do list; it’s one of many simple jobs that can truly brighten up your house. Dust, dead bugs, and other debris clog light bulbs, covers, and fixtures, reducing light flow. Knowing how to clean light fixtures without breaking or damaging them during the House Cleaning is vital for a well-lit house. You may also want to clean all of the lights in your home at once, or you may prefer to tackle one room or one type of fixture at a time. Here are some tips on how to clean various lights from the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine.

1. Lightbulbs

Dirty light bulbs emit less light than clean bulbs, resulting in wasted energy and poor lighting. To eliminate dust during the House Cleaning, carefully wipe each lightbulb with a dry microfiber cloth. According to the House Cleaning team of Irvine, dryer sheets are a less expensive and more effective option than microfiber towels for dusting lightbulbs. Keep in mind that a moist or wet towel should never be used since the water might harm the circuitry of the bulb or light.

2. Chandeliers

House Cleaning these complex works of art might be frightening, but as long as you take additional precautions, you’ll be okay. Chandeliers should be dusted frequently, and crystals should be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year. Take the chandelier down and place it on a cloth to clean if you can. Otherwise, use a ladder to clean the chandelier while it is still hanging. Before washing, always dust it with a microfiber cloth or a lamb’s wool duster. You may buy a ready-made product or build your own.

3. Lampshades

Remember to clean the ornamental components of your light fixtures as well during the House Cleaning. A lamb’s wool duster is ideal for soft lamp shades composed of paper, cloth, or silk. It will eliminate the dust without leaving any residue or markings as cloth would. You may use the brush connection on your vacuum for more thorough House Cleaning. This tool is perfect for reaching into the cracks of adorned lamp shades. Remove any glass shades and soak them in hot soapy water. Before reinstalling the lights, allow them to dry completely.

Now it seems that you know how to clean light fixtures properly; you can concentrate on a few finishing touches, said the House Cleaning team in Irvine. Before reinstalling, cleaned globes and light bulbs, dust ceiling rotor blades, and connectors. Using a wet towel, wipe clean the lamp bases and cover rims. Loosen lampshades and dust them lightly with a moist microfiber towel. Beaded blinds may be cleaned with a wet cloth or vacuuming. To clean fabric shades, use a lint brush or vacuum. If House Cleaning your light fixtures isn’t doing the trick, perhaps it’s time to replace outdated light bulbs with newer models.


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