How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Ring

Before diving into the best ways to remove toilet bowl rings, it’s essential to understand what causes them. A toilet ring is a permanent or temporary discoloration. It is rarely the consequence of a person’s House Cleaning, but instead of hard water combined with standing water. That’s why a less-used bathroom has more toilet bowl rings.

The House Cleaning experts in Irvine have compiled a list of helpful home practices that will assist you in permanently removing toilet bowl rings. Let’s look at some products that you may already have on hand.

House Cleaning Solution #1: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking soda and vinegar are two essential House Cleaning items you can purchase that can safely remove stains from practically everything. Here’s how the House Cleaning team in Irvine makes a successful solution to remove hard water stains from a toilet:

1. Flush the toilet. Pour 1 cup vinegar into the toilet bowl, and stir with the toilet brush. Wait five minutes before using the vinegar.

2. Pour 1 cup baking soda and another 2 cups vinegar into the toilet bowl. Wait 10 minutes for the mixture to fizzle.

3. Swish the baking soda + vinegar solution with your toilet brush in the bowl. Scrub the hard water stains, being careful not to get the solution above the waterline. Don’t flush yet!

4. Set aside the vinegar-baking soda mixture for another 30 minutes. Swish the House Cleaning solution many times more until the discoloration is gone. To rinse, flush.

House Cleaning Solution #2: Steel Wool

Abrasive steel wool will remove even the most tenacious toilet bowl rings. On the other hand, you may add cleaning agents like dish soap or vinegar to make it cleaner. Remember that steel wool comes in many grades; the coarser the grade, the thicker the steel wool. The House Cleaning crew in Irvine advises fine-grade steel wool for a gentler touch on the toilet bowl.

1. Handle steel wool with rubber gloves.

2. Scrape the toilet ring with steel wool. The thick substance will undoubtedly remove the stains after a few washes.

House Cleaning Solution #3: Citric Acid

You may also use citric acid to remove toilet stains. Lemon juice may bond to minerals in toilet stains, making a cleaner toilet bowl due to dissolved minerals. You may also put the acid juices in a spray bottle. It’s simpler to squirt the acids straight on the toilet ring.

House Cleaning Solution #4: Denture Cleanser Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets can remove toilet bowl rings. They remove stains well. Just flush a few tablets and wait. Acidic elements dissolve grime and particles in the toilet bowl, removing toilet bowl rings quickly.

House Cleaning Solution #5: Magic Erasers

Magic erasers are indeed magical. They miraculously clean numerous household items, including toilet rings. Drop a corner of your Magic Eraser into the toilet. You may also use the Magic Eraser to remove other hard water stains in the bathroom, such as those on the sink or in the shower.


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