How to Salvage Dirty Shower Curtains

How to Salvage Dirty Shower Curtains

According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, the unclean or aging shower curtain and shower curtain liner may not necessarily need to be thrown away and replaced. They can be cleaned and restored just like new conditions quickly, conserving your money and effort on those infrequent house cleaning tasks. Follow these shower curtain cleaning procedures recommended by House Cleaning experts in Irvine!

Step-by-Step Cleaning a Shower Curtain

According to House Cleaning professionals in Irvine, washing a fabric shower curtain involves a little more attention than cleaning a plastic curtain liner.

  1. Strip your shower curtain off the rings.
  2. Set the washing machine to the highest load capacity with warm water.
  3. Mix in a few drops of detergent and a cup of white vinegar.
  4. Throw in your dirty fabric shower curtains and set it to the mild mode.
  5. When the process is over, put your curtain back up on the rod to air dry, as recommended by House Cleaning veterans in Irvine.

Is it Possible to Wash a Plastic Shower Curtain?

According to professionals in House Cleaning, Plastic shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine. When cleaning it, however, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure to set it to cool.
  • Add one or two bath towels
  • Dirty Shower curtains should always be air-dried.

What is the Best Way to Cleanse a Shower Curtain Made of Plastic?

As said by House Cleaning experts, this plastic shower curtain could be effortlessly washed by just cleaning it with bleaching, soap, or baking powder. House Cleaning professionals advise against mixing any of these cleaning products because they may react with one another.

Unless you want to kill microbes or eliminate fungus, we propose bleach as a cleaning product. Start hanging your plastic curtain back up to dry after washing, as recommended by House Cleaning professionals.

Shower Curtain Rings: How else to Clean Them

Take advantage of the opportunity to clean your shower curtain rings while your curtain or curtain liner is being washed. Shower curtain rings are constantly exposed to steam, soap scum, and dust, and they can quickly get filthy.

According to housecleaning experts, fill your bathroom sink halfway with hot water and a cup of white vinegar. While the curtain is being washed, soak your rings. Drain the sink and thoroughly rinse the rings in warm water, scraping off any remaining limescale or soap scum with your fingers.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Shower Curtain Liner?

  • Strip the curtain from the window and toss it in the washer.
  • Clean the shower liner with the help of a bath towel.
  • To avoid ruining the liner, make sure it’s in a mild setting.
  • This shower curtain liner should be hung to dry.

How to Salvage Dirty Shower Curtains procedures help you remove any accumulated mold or mildew, which is prevalent on shower curtain liners that are best adapted to moisture and heat.


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