List of the Germiest Stuff at Home

maid service that tkes away germiest stuff in the house

Some germs are beneficial but stop when they expose you and your family members to viruses and diseases. Thus, you have to undertake a deep House Cleaning of your home once a week. When you do your regular House Cleaning routine, make sure to use a sanitizing House Cleaning solution on the following germiest stuff at home. Check the germiest stuff that needs House Cleaning:


This gadget follows you everywhere, including the bathroom, and could be up to ten times filthier than a toilet seat. It may contain E. coli., which can survive for hours on a warm surface, such as your phone. Considering this, regular cleaning and disinfection routines should become a priority to mitigate potential health risks. Ignoring this aspect might inadvertently expose you to various harmful bacteria and viruses. Remember, maintaining cleanliness extends beyond just visible surfaces; it’s crucial for overall well-being.

Dishwashing Sponge  

Dishwashing sponge

That sponge next to your sink is full of bacteria. It is frequently the germiest item in your home! The House Cleaning team in Irvine recommends you put the sponge in the microwave for a minute daily to keep bacteria at bay. By microwaving the moist sponge, you can kill microorganisms. Replace it every two weeks or when it begins to stink. The most manageable House Cleaning approach to bypass spreading germs around your space is to wash your hands after doing the dishes.

Salmonella and E. coli are two examples of coliform bacteria that can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting, which can also potentially cause pneumonia and respiratory issues in more extreme cases. 

The House Cleaning experts of Irvine advise you against cleaning your kitchen stuff and bathroom accessories with the same sponge or any microfiber cloth. 

Kitchen Sink 

Sadly, your kitchen sink is the most germ-infested. Bacteria covered about eighty percent of your sink’s surface. Thus, making it the dirtiest location in the bathroom compared to your toilet bowl seat. When we neglect regular cleaning, these lurking microbes multiply exponentially, posing a significant health risk. It’s essential to maintain strict hygiene practices to keep such bacterial colonies at bay. Always disinfecting and scrubbing thoroughly can help mitigate this unsettling reality.

Remote Control 

How to properly clean Remote control
Every household member touches the remote control, whether it’s to change the channel or adjust the volume. When the remote control is not in your germ-infested hands, it is on the floor or wedged between the sofa seats, providing a warm, dark refuge from mold and bacteria. Thus, you have to frequently clean it down with antibacterial wipes, hoping to keep illness at bay. Despite your efforts, it still seems impossible to entirely rid it of the grime accumulated from daily use.

Keyboard for Computer 

It is no surprise that your keyboard is filthy. You eat lunch over it, and your kids log in from home and play their favorite game while wiping their runny noses. Thus, you have to clean around each key by rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Amidst the crumbs and sticky residue, the keys seem to harbor stories of their own, each stroke a testament to the daily hustle and bustle of life. Occasionally, a stray crumb gets wedged beneath a key, reminding you of the chaotic symphony of work, play, and family that unfolds at your desk. Cleaning the keyboard becomes a ritualistic pause, a moment of reflection amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Holder for toothbrushes 

The honor of being the germiest thing in your home belongs to your toothbrush holder. The House Cleaning Irvine Team contends that since you clean your toilet seat more frequently than other areas in the bathroom, it is then the least germy. If you place your toothbrush holder close to the toilet, you expose it to the particles blown into the air when you flush. 


You cannot sanitize money, no matter how diligently you scrub. However, you can wash your hands after handling them, a simple yet effective precaution. You will probably want to when you consider all the other people whose hands have touched those bills, each potentially leaving behind their microbial signature. Most cash in circulation contains almost three thousand different species of germs, a staggering testament to its role as a vector for microbial exchange in our daily lives. It’s a small wonder our immune systems stay vigilant in the face of such microbial diversity.

Visit us again for more House Cleaning guides to help you with your House Cleaning duties. 


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