Means of Cleaning Your Chrome Fittings

housekeeping your chrome fittings

Bathroom fixtures and fittings in chrome are elegant and fashionable. A chrome finish’s attractiveness can also be its biggest flaw because it’s usually so shining, any dirt buildup stands out more. However, they quickly turn dull after gathering dirt from dust, hard water stains, and soap scum deposits. Investing in a regular House Cleaning routine is the key to dealing with these House Cleaning issues. So, House Cleaning Irvine will talk about how to clean chrome. To keep your chrome gleaming and stain-free, use some of the House Cleaning tips brought to you by the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine. 

Cleaning Chrome with White Vinegar 

  • In a small bucket or large basin, combine equal parts white vinegar and water. Wrap a microfiber towel in the mixture and secure it with a rubber band around the spout if required. Leave it fifteen minutes of resting time. 
  • Dip an old toothbrush in the House Cleaning vinegar solution while you wait. Clean the base and handles, as well as any other difficult-to-reach locations. For rust spots, submerge a piece of aluminum foil in the vinegar solution and crumple it up. Scour with gentle pressure and repeat as needed.
  • Remove the cloth from the spout and use a separate dry cloth to wipe out all cleansed areas. 

Baby Oil 

While baby oil may appear to be an unexpected House Cleaning alternative from Irvine, it can be a quick and economical House Cleaning solution to clean your chrome when you do not have any other House Cleaning options. Prepare to wipe it away from surfaces you will need to touch, such as taps, so you do not wind up with oily hands every time you use your bath or washbasin. 


You are aware of the risks soft drinks offer to your teeth, especially if you do not brush twice a day. Fortunately, sugary drinks’ capacity to destroy teeth is the same property that makes them a good bathroom cleaner! The modest acidity of cola, when dipped in a microfiber cloth and used to wipe the chrome components of your bathroom, should help you erase stains quickly. Cleanse your taps with water afterward; keeping them sticky reverses the purpose of cleaning them in the first place. 

How to Keep Chrome Fixtures and Fittings Clean 

Do regular House Cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grime resulting in corrosion and other types of irreparable damage. Because chrome is prone to scratches, use a non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe it. To preserve its gleaming appearance, use chrome polish often. Baking soda has the power to eliminate tough stains. Combine baking soda and a teaspoon of water to make a House Cleaning paste to use on all chrome fixtures and fittings. Wipe the paste away with a microfiber cloth with mild pressure. Rinse the fixtures with distilled water to eliminate any remaining House Cleaning paste. With a dry microfiber cloth, clean your fixtures. To avoid the production of dried water stains, dry it with a microfiber cloth.


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