Pop the Champagne and Let Us Celebrate! – Easy After-Party Clean-up

enjoy champagne party after a succesful maid cleaning service

According to the House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, we should bid farewell to the decade with our friends and family, just as we must with every other achievement. We’re sure many of you have exciting plans for partying outside. But for those holding a home party to stay warm inside their cozy abodes, here’s a checklist from the House Cleaning experts in Irvine to prepare you for a speedy clean-up just after a thrilling party.

Flatware and tablecloths must be disposable.

Disposable flatware is a wonderful alternative for significant occasions, according to the House Cleaning experts in Irvine. If you’re going to use disposable flatware, make sure to get sturdy and of good quality so that they don’t cause a mess. Poor-quality disposable flatware has a greater danger of breaking and spilling food all over the place. 

Make Use of Baskets

Keep baskets in a couple of corners to dispose of empty bottles and glasses, according to House Cleaning experts. You can avoid the mess that bottles and glasses may produce in your home, and there will be fewer possibilities of shattering glass at the party, as House Cleaning experts suggest.

Be Ready for Messes

Mistakes, according to the experts at House Cleaning, are unavoidable. Have additional tablecloths, napkins, Kleenex, and liquid detergent on hand in case of an emergency. The guests will be spared any humiliation, according to the House Cleaning experts, and the party may go as scheduled.

Put Large Trash Bags in Strategic Locations

As the House Cleaning specialists say, keep large bucket containers with disposable bags in the house. To create a way for all of the single-use plastics and food delivery order containers. According to the House Cleaning specialists, your home and kitchen will remain clean after the party is over.

Visitors Can Help Themselves to the Leftovers

To send leftovers home with the visitors, use microwaveable food storage containers. It would eliminate the need to return home and make dinner for them and the necessity to toss food away in the trash.

Invest in Air Fresheners

A house with a pleasant odor is usually inviting. Spray it with your favorite air freshener aroma to make the place feel inviting and clean. You could also have a camphor and clove infuser in the room to give it a musk scent.

Table Linens Must Be Used

It is a fantastic suggestion for keeping your home clean and organized in the first week of the new year. When you cover the meals with tablecloths, all of the dirt and spills will be trapped beneath the cover, leaving your tables clean and ready for the new day.

Make Use of Clear Glass

To avoid breakage, it is usually best to use less complicated tableware, and therefore if you’re serving wine, you should use clear glasses.


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