Pre-Move Essentials on the New House Checklist

house cleaning checklist for your new home

You have a lot of stuff to accomplish before you move into your new abode. This significant House Cleaning checklist from the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine will give you peace of mind and streamline the moving means for you.

The remainder of the House Cleaning process will go well if you tick these items off your new house checklist.

✔ Do an Inspection

Undertaking a comprehensive walkthrough in your new empty home provides you with a better House Cleaning opportunity to take a look around before setting up your furniture and unpacking stuff. You have to check if the sockets, switches, appliances, and other things are working well. Talk to your agent once you find out any issue that violates the sale contract.  

✔ Changing Over the Utilities

Contact your utility service providers a few weeks before your move to notify them of your plans. Schedule your gas and electric disconnect and connect dates while you are on the phone with them. You should also plan an installation date with your cable and internet service providers, as well as your security system provider, following the move. 

✔ Make a House Cleaning Chore Schedule

All of the obligations that your landlord used to manage are now your responsibility. Unless you are moving into a brand-new property with no past owners, there is a good chance you will have several repairs to do. You have to pay for the repairs and upkeeps, not your landlord. Take a stroll around on your own to get a sense of what you need to do and what is most relevant. Make a House Cleaning list of the things you would want to have checked. During the inspection, stay in your home. If you need to fix anything, be sure the seller covers the charges before closing.

✔ Deep House Cleaning

House Cleaning your new home from top to bottom may be the last thing on your mind after going through the whole moving process. However, this is the time you need it most. Fortunately, House Cleaning Irvine has put up a House Cleaning guide to help you give your new home a thorough House Cleaning. You may also opt to hire professional House Cleaning services instead if you barely have the time or interest to put on your House Cleaning gloves and grab a mop right now. Starting life in your new house in a clean state is more than worth it, whether you invest in time or money.

✔ Secure Your Pertinent Documents

Do you have any very critical documents in your filing cabinet that are amassing dust? They must also accompany you on our journey. The House Cleaning Irvine team refers to birth certificates, medical records, social security cards, insurance policies, and similar records. Now is the moment to toss away what you no longer need, label, and arrange what you do have. Pertinent documents are elements on your new House Cleaning checklist that you must never neglect.

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