Proper Shelving Tips and Tricks

house cleaning and proper shelving

Open shelving, whether in the kitchen or living room, may add aesthetic appeal to a space while also providing more storage possibilities, according to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine. Keeping these shelves tidy and orderly, on the other hand, might be challenging at times.

House Cleaning specialists in Irvine will teach you some basic do’s and don’ts for keeping your open shelves looking their best. 

Set up a Range Hood

According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, if your kitchen has open shelves, you should strongly consider putting a range hood. A range hood, also known as an exhaust hood, does a lot more of it than keeps your kitchen from becoming smoky when you’re cooking. It also collects any stray grease or oil that may have splattered during the preparation of your meals. Those little pieces of residue from cooking oils and foods can end up on your open shelf, believe it or not. According to House Cleaning specialists in Irvine, this can coat them with the same sticky and nasty film that you’d find on a greasy stovetop. Having a range hood will not completely prevent this, but it will much assist.

Failure to Dust Regularly

According to professionals in the field of House Cleaning, when you have open shelves in your home, you’ll need to increase your dusting routine. After all, you’re going for a stylish minimalist look. If you neglect your dusting tasks, you could end up with fuzzy bud vases, books, or platters and plates. Every two weeks or so, wipe clean your shelved things. Furthermore, according to House Cleaning experts, clear off shelves once a month and give them a good dusting to keep them looking slick.

Strategically shelves

Items you regularly use in the kitchen, such as plates, coffee mugs, or bowls, should be placed on lower tiers. Consider taking plates or bowls from the bottom of the stack if you live in a smaller residence. This will guarantee that all of your goods are rotated regularly, ensuring that dishes are kept clean rather than permitted to sit and collect dust, as recommended by House Cleaning experts.

Forget to Think About Where You Live

Think twice about storing glassware, crystal, breakable knickknacks, or fragile family heirlooms if you reside in a region prone to earthquakes, rumbling from passing trains, or sonic booms. Heavy vibrations can knock delicate items off shelves, while the last thing you want is to go into your kitchen or living room to find smashed glass on the floor, according to House Cleaning experts.

Be Aesthetically Conscious

According to experts in the field of House Cleaning, many kitchen gadgets are made to be utilitarian rather than decorative, so tuck them away beneath your worktops. Color-coordinated flatware, herbs, spices, and baking ingredients placed in elegant glass containers or mason jars should take up the free spaces. Open shelves aren’t the best place to keep untidy goods like car keys, sunglasses, wallets, or wired speakers.

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