Removing Chewing Gum From Different Surfaces Using These Cool Tips

housekeeping that removes chewing gum

If you are on a trip or in a meeting and suddenly hungry, and the food store is far away, chewing gum is with you to minimize your hunger.

Because chewing gum is not advisable to swallow, the person who eats it will most likely throw the chewing gum anywhere after eating, especially if it is no longer sweet, so it will inevitably stick to many surfaces.

That is why you need to remove the chewing gum that lands anywhere using the different excellent tips in House Cleaning.

All the House Cleaning experts in Irvine are tirelessly looking for House Cleaning tips so that the chewing gum sticking to any surface, regardless of how long it takes, can be removed without any hassles.

So here are the cool House Cleaning tips for getting rid of chewing gum attached to anything.

1. Using an iced cube.

Do you think the iced cube is only for summer foods like “tomato paste, wine, stock, fruit juice, and cookie dough”?

That’s where you go wrong because the iced cube will also help remove Chewing gum that is attached to surfaces such as walls, floors, windows, doors, and even computer screens.

This House Cleaning tip requires you to wipe an iced cube with chewing gum that hardens due to length of time.

The House Cleaning team in Irvine suggests that you be careful when removing chewing gum that is so hard that it will not cause damage to painted walls and carpets.

If the chewing gum is already very hard, it will gradually soften and be quickly expelled when cooled with ice cubes.

By using the mixture of warm water and a quality Unisol Tender Care – Laundry Liquid, you get rid of the remaining stains that look ugly.

With this House Cleaning knowledge, you can also use a pencil eraser to erase the remaining stains in painted walls and carpets.

2. Using a gum remover.

Yes, this House Cleaning tip requires you to have a gum remover called taski-tapi-gum-remover.

If you already have it, all you have to do is insert the tube right there into the spray head valve.

Next, spray it directly onto the hard chewing gum and scrape off using a non-scratching utensil to avoid fiber damage. Remember, too much caution is what you need in this House Cleaning information because when you are not careful, it can damage the surface to which the chewing gum is attached.

With a vacuum cleaner, you get rid of frozen pieces left over from this House Cleaning advice.

Note: as much as possible, bring a little bin so that you can throw your chewing gum there so that it does not stick anywhere.

With the cool House Cleaning suggestions mentioned above, the House Cleaning crew in Irvine is delighted to assist you in removing chewing gums that stick to different surfaces.

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