Safe Household Chores When You are Expecting

Safe Household Chores When You are Expecting

As an expecting mom, you must be careful with yourself and your baby. Some think that during pregnancy, it is not advisable to do House Cleaning chores in Irvine. However, pregnancy is not an excuse for some to get rid of household activities.

According to the House Cleaning experts of Irvine, most simple household chores are safe even when you are expecting them. Nevertheless, there are some activities that you need to refrain from doing, or you can assign someone to do a specific house-cleaning activity.

Some tasks need to be done quite differently as a safety precaution for expecting moms. Here are the chores, including simple house cleaning that you can do and duties that you need to avoid during pregnancy.

Household Chores You Can Do While Pregnant

  • Cleaning and vegetables are one safe household chore that pregnant women can do. Cutting vegetables is usually done while standing, but pregnant women are recommended to sit while doing it.
  • Sweeping and mopping can also be done differently. Tasks that require too much or prolonged bending and standing should be avoided. In-house cleaning, brooms, and mops with longer handles are advisable. You can buy from the House Cleaning stores in Irvine for these items.
  • Light washing of dishes and utensils. This task is allowed, but you can only be standing for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do not risk doing a job that needs prolonged standing.

Household Chores to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Any task that includes lifting heavy loads or moving furniture should be avoided. House cleaning activities like carrying laundry should also be avoided as they can cause strain and injury.
  • Any chore that requires you to climb must not be attempted. House cleaning tasks, for example, cleaning the ceiling fans or changing the curtains, are dangerous for you. You may request someone to do it for you.
  • They are using house cleaning products or pesticides. Exposure to toxic substances can be harmful both to moms and babies. Abrasive chemicals can cause development-related problems. If there is a need for house cleaning products, try the magic of vinegar, baking powder, and lemon mixtures.
  • Pregnant moms with cats should refrain from cleaning the litter tray. Cat litter contains a parasite that can be a threat to your health. If no one is available to do it, take extra precautionary measures. Clean the cat litter with gloves. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse well right after cleaning the debris.
  • Do not engage in painting nor get close to anyone painting. Paints produce fumes when they are applied. Like other house cleaning products, these fumes can have adverse effects on the mom and her baby. 

The first trimester of pregnancy needs extra care. This period is usually the most sensitive stage in fetal development. The house duties are wholly bypassed at this time because they may put unnecessary pressure on the body and could potentially put the baby in danger. Furthermore, this stage is also more prone to miscarriage.


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