Getting Headaches From Cleaning Your Toilets?

the works toilet bowl cleaner in house cleaning irvine

The works toilet bowl cleaner requires more attention than what other people imagined when it comes to House Cleaning for it is one of the most-used seats at home. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease or tons of time to achieve a sparkling clean porcelain seat.

What are the easy and great ways to make your toilet bowl look good as new? The House Cleaning experts in Irvine will provide a no-fail and germ-free guide in House Cleaning.

Be Supply-Ready

When House Cleaning, it is bothersome to stop and look for a detergent or brush. Isn’t it? So, gather your supplies and tools within your arms’ reach or put them together in a bucket.

Things to ready:

  • Paper towels
  • Disinfecting wipes or spray
  • Toilet brush (tiff-bristle)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • A pair of cleaning gloves

Start on the Outside

Every inch of the bowl deserves attention. The House Cleaning experts in Irvine state that your the works toilet bowl cleaner outside appearance is just as important as the interior. Spritz the toilet’s exterior with a disinfecting spray. Don’t forget the hard-to-reach area like that back of the base. Also, spray the walls beside and behind the toilet and after spraying, let it sit for a while. While waiting, proceed to clean the interior.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

It is known that most toilet cleaners are not as effective because they get diluted when applied to a toilet bowl full of water. As a result, we use harsh chemicals to do the job. A suggestion was raised to get the water out of the toilet so that you can use a milder toilet cleaner. You can benefit from this House Cleaning tip by having a better clean of your water closet with lesser effort. You can do it by turning the water valve at the base off and flushing it once.

If you’re fond of store-bought toilet cleaners, look for brands that rely on oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine bleach for it can be lung-irritant. When using chlorine bleach, open your window and wear gloves.

For homemade or well-improved toilet cleaners, mix your bowl cleaner with one cup of salt, one cup of oxygen bleach, and one cup of baking soda. Baking soda has been a great House Cleaning tool in removing gunk and salt is a natural abrasive for scrubbing.

Wipe It

Use a paper towel and wipe the disinfectant off the toilet’s exterior. Do it from top to bottom. Using a wet cloth isn’t necessary when it comes to disinfectant spray.


Grab a tiff-bristle brush and scrub the difficult the work toilet bowl cleaner stains. Scrub its interior and under the rim. For rust-colored rings inside the bowl, House Cleaning experts suggest using a pumice stone on a stick. A few swipes of those and it should do the trick.

The House Cleaning specialists in Irvine suggest that after doing House Cleaning, always remember to also clean your tools. You will still be needing them on your next cleaning routine.


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