Things You Need to Know When Cleaning Your Freezer

Cleaning the freezer is a headache! I’m not only going to teach you how to clean a freezer, but I’ll also reveal a few insider secrets.

Let us give you a step-by-step method of cleaning your fridge thoroughly. These are from the ideas of House Cleaning professionals in Irvine.

Collect your supplies

Gather all of your freezer cleaning equipment first.

Household Cleaning supplies for the freezer include:

  • Towels,
  • Toothbrush or Nailbrush,
  • Cooler
  • Ice
  • White Vinegar
  • Pitcher
  • a spray bottle

Fill the Cooler with Frozen Items

Put all the frozen items in the cooler. Consider storing all frozen items in the cooler firmly to keep them relatively cold.

Separately Clean the Racks and Drawers.

Remove all of the readily detachable structures from your freezer next. ‘There are sometimes a few spills and drips on the freezer racks, said House Cleaning experts, and they use pitchers filled with hot water and spill entire freezer racks.

After soaking your freezer racks in hot water for a few minutes, ‘it’s okay to use a sponge to clean all of your freezer’s interior structure individually, said House Cleaning professionals. 

Mop Up the Melted Muck.

According to House Cleaning experts, mop up all the now-melted muck inside the freezer with the same cloth or a second towel. There’s no need to get into uncomfortable positions or shred up a sponge while washing something frozen and sticky.

Spray Vinegar Over the Whole Inside Surface.

Is there anything left? It’s time to take an acidic approach. House Cleaning experts suggested vinegar for this. Vinegar is the foundation of DIY surface cleaners and is ideal for cleaning the kitchen since it is food-grade safe and free of potentially harmful cleaning additives.

According to House Cleaning experts, fill a tiny spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and adjust the spray to a wide-fine mist. After that, spray the whole interior of your freezer. Allow the vinegar to lie in the freezer for a few minutes before closing it. Then, with a moist towel, open the freezer and wipe away the vinegar. You may see additional filth creeping up from the freezer’s walls, said House Cleaning experts.

Scrub Stubborn Dirt

If hot water and vinegar do not entirely dissolve your troubles, it is time to scrape, said House Cleaning experts cleaners. Frozen messes tend to shred sponges, so use a brush instead. A nail brush is ideal for this function. A cleaning toothbrush and even a dishwashing brush are good as well.

Refill with Frozen Foods after drying

Finally, it’s time to restock the freezer with frozen meals.

Begin by drying and relocating the racks to the interior of your freezer. After that, empty the cooler and re-stack all of your frozen products. 

Advice from House Cleaning professionals cleaners in Irvine suggested, take advantage of this chance to tidy your freezer and take action to minimize future frozen food losses. Congratulations, you now have a sparkling clean freezer that didn’t require a whole day of scrubbing.

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