Toilet Bowls Cleaning Suggestions

Toilet Bowls Cleaning Suggestions

Because cleaning the toilet bowls is one of the most frequently used seats in your home, it necessitates special House Cleaning attention. But getting that porcelain throne sparkling clean does not take a long time or a lot of elbow grease. Do not worry because the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine will provide you with a no-fail, no-germ-left-behind household cleaning strategy to get your House Cleaning job done.

How do you clean a toilet properly? 

You will need to be well-prepared for the household cleaning work before you begin. According to the House Cleaning professionals of Irvine, homeowners should have a separate set of House Cleaning equipment not used on other surfaces in the house. 

House cleaning the toilet bowl from the inside
  • To completely saturate the interior of the bowl, close the lid and flush once more. 
  • To eliminate stains and dirt, use an oxalic acid-based House Cleaning solution of your choice. 
  • The House Cleaning professionals recommend an efficient and dependable toilet bowl stain remover. 
  • Scour under the rim, the bowl, and the hole in the toilet base with a scrubber. Fill the container with water and flush the chemicals away. 
What is the best way to clean a soiled toilet bowl? 
  • A House Cleaning specialist advises when cleaning your toilet, you should always begin with the bowl. You may use products intended to clean and disinfect bacteria in the toilet bowl. 
  • However, our experts recommend picking up a bottle of Clorox’s toilet bowl cleaner with bleach, which claims to disinfect in just five minutes. 
  • House Cleaning Irvine experts recommend coating the entire toilet bowl with the Clorox product, starting beneath the bowl’s rim. 
  • Wear your gloves and scour the solution into the toilet bowl with your brush. 
Is it necessary for me to clean your toilet regularly? 
  • It is crucial to remember that even after using it once, your toilet might harbor bacteria and viruses on its surfaces. 
  • Thus, you should clean your toilet as often as possible, but you should work on complete disinfection every two to three days if one of your household members is ill. 
  • The House Cleaning team in Irvine recommends scheduling time to disinfect your household cleaning materials. If you leave a toilet scrubbing brush in a watery holder, it can grow mold on its own. 
  • Thus, we recommend House Cleaning once you have completed scouring the toilet bowl and surfaces. Spray it with disinfectant spray, then place it between your toilet seat and the bowl to air dry.
  • By soaking your gloves, sponges, or any other rubber-based or porous cleaning equipment in bleach-infused water and air-drying them, you can ensure to kill the germs away. 
Pumice Stone -Toilet Cleaner Alternative

Another unusual but efficient House Cleaning approach to getting rid of that persistent ring inside the bowl is to use a pumice stone. Always start by soaking the pumice in warm water to avoid marks on the stone and the toilet surface. Scour the stain lightly until it disappears, then flush the toilet to rinse.


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