What to Know About Removing Bathroom Clogs

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There are a lot of causes for having a clogged bathroom. Acting quickly to clear the blockage if your bathroom sink, shower, or toilet becomes clogged is a must, or else it will create not just trouble but also a significant hassle. Our House Cleaning experts of Irvine have a great deal of expertise in dealing with the cleaning that follows a bathroom clog. As a result, we’ve created a summary of the information you’ll need to manage clogged drains in the bathroom.

These House Cleaning methods compiled with House Cleaning professionals in Irvine will offer you an idea on how to handle your bathroom once it becomes clogged, as well as when to contact professional assistance. The House Cleaning procedures for unclogging a bathroom drain may depend on which drain is clogged. We have listed an example of different kinds of clogs that may occur in your bathroom and how to resolve them.

Sink Clogs

When a sink is blocked, it drains slowly or not at all. Here are some House Cleaning pointers to assist you in emptying up those drains.

1. Clean the sink stopper: 

Soap residue, dirt, and hair can accumulate on the sink stopper. Take yours out and soak it in hot water. After that, clean the sink stopper with distilled white vinegar.

2. Plunge: 

Plungers are not only for toilets; this House Cleaning tool is also for unclogging sinks and showers. Just make sure you’re using one of the high-quality ball-shaped ones available at a hardware shop.

3. Baking soda and vinegar: 

This old House Cleaning method for unclogging sinks has proven to be quite effective in bathroom sinks. In a measuring cup, combine 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar. This mixture will fizz quickly and should be poured down the drain right away. The fizzing action is responsible for effective hair and filth removal. Allow it to stand for about an hour before flushing with hot water.

Shower Clogs

Hair is a common cause of blocked showers. Invest in a hair trap to reduce the frequency of clogged pipes. You will see a pool of lukewarm water at your feet if your shower drain is clogged. You can unclog the shower drain using the same House Cleaning ways in sink drain clogs.

Toilet Clogs

If you observe the toilet draining slower than usual, you may have a blockage. Here’s how to reclaim that powerful flush:

1. Plunger:

Just as with the sink, we’re talking about a solid plunger like you’d get at a home improvement store. After plunging, only flush once. Otherwise, you run the danger of overflowing the toilet. If it’s still slowly draining, proceed to the following House Cleaning step.

2. Unclogging using snake:

Snakes can assist you in removing obstructions that a plunger cannot. You can get one at a hardware shop, and you can learn how to snake a drain online.

3. Call a plumber:

You don’t want to try to remove the toilet to check what’s obstructing the drain on your own. If plunging and snaking haven’t shown any results, it’s time to bring in the experts.

If these House cleaning recommendations from the House Cleaning specialist in Irvine don’t work on your clogged drains, you’ll need to call a plumber as soon as possible so you can use your bathroom again.


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