Debunking House Cleaning Myths

cleaners doing house cleaning

There are so many urban myths all over the internet today and myths about house cleaning will not be an exception. This is why house cleaning in Koreatown will share their insights, too. Keep reading to unveil some of the most common housekeeping myths that could bring more damage to your house than do any good.

Hiring Professional Cleaners Will Rob Your Home

It is understandable that homeowners are having a hard time trusting the people who will enter their homes, especially for the first time. We cannot blame them. Maybe some of them had terrible experiences with their previous maid service companies.

Maggy Maid is know as the best housekeeping services in Koreatown, says all newly hired professional cleaners will have access to every part and area of your house. But, you don’t have to worry about that. There is a reason why they are called professionals, instead of wasting their time and ruining their credibility, they will do what they have to do — house cleaning.

Washing Machine Knows How To Clean Themselves

This is a very popular myth and this is also very wrong. The washing machine’s job is to wash your clothes and other stuff, but it is important to keep in mind that they need to be cleaned as well. Not cleaning your washing machine regularly can lead to developing an unpleasant smell. This unpleasant smell will be transferred to your clothes. Some maid service professionals use baking soda along with vinegar and let it run on a normal cycle with hot water.

Too Much Vacuuming Can Damage The Carpets

Do not believe this myth. Your carpet can get easily piled up with dirt and dust, so vacuuming them daily is a big help! To avoid occurring damage to your carpets, avoid leaving the vacuum in one place for too long. Steady beating can heat the carpet’s fibers, leading to melting and leaving a burn mark. House cleaning in Koreatown is well-trained in providing carpet cleaning and maintenance.

The Dirt Will Be Pushed Around When Mopping

The dirt will be picked up from the floor once you mop it. You can be sure that there will be no cross-contamination that will happen because you will have to rinse or wash your mop head from time to time in the middle of the cleaning process. Always change the water after cleaning one area so that the dirt will be completely removed and not be transferred to another part of your house. If you want to be sure that your floors are thoroughly cleaned, hire housekeeping professional.

All Green Cleaning Products Are Safe

If you think that all green cleaning products can clean your floors completely, you are wrong. Always bear in mind that not all green label cleaners are safe to use for your home and around your children. Make it a habit to read the label before buying or using it. Knowing what the product is made of will give you an idea if the cleaning materials or products are safe to use. If you are having a hard time knowing what’s safe and not, seek help from your house cleaners.

Hire House Cleaning Services

It is very helpful that you get to know some of the house cleaning myths. By knowing this, you can now change your housekeeping routine and add some of the tips that you have read.

But if you think you will experience a hard time following these tips and cleaning your home thoroughly, you may consider hiring the best house cleaning in Koreatown to help you! Maggy Maid is a referral agency that refers house cleaners in Los Angeles and its suburbs. Get their services now!