How to Clean Drapes and Curtains in Less Than 30 Minutes

How to Clean Drapes and Curtains

This blog discusses the fastest way to clean your curtain and drapes.

Your home design will look more coordinated when you add curtains or drapes to your windows. Whether they make a strong statement, window curtains are unquestionably essential accent items. Window treatments, like everything else in your house, accumulate dust and filth over time, exacerbating allergies and giving your home a dull appearance. Cleaning your soiled drapes and curtains a least once a year will bring them back to life. However, if your schedule is already complete, the best option is to hire expert cleaners in house cleaning in La Palma.

How to Clean Drapes and Curtains in 6 Easy Steps

  • Get Rid of the Dust

Curtains have front-row seats to the most excellent views, but they also gather dust. Before you or your maid start deep cleaning your curtains after taking them off the curtain rods, be sure to take them outdoors and shake them like a Polaroid picture.

  • Look at the label for cleaning instructions.

Instruct your maid to check the tag inside the item for cleaning instructions specific to your curtains or drapes before you or your maid wash anything. The manufacturer might advise dry cleaning, hand washing, steaming, or putting the item in the washing machine at home. Following these guidelines is always ideal if you want to preserve your drapes and curtains in good condition.

Additionally, some fabrics, like silk, suffer damage when they become wet, while all other materials are resistant to moisture. Ignoring the care labels on your draperies or curtains is equivalent to throwing money out the window.

  • Spot-Treat Stains

The most common causes of stains on curtains and draperies are greasy food, greasy hands, and unintentional juice spills. Use these techniques to spot-treat each color before washing them to ensure that it is completely removed. Or think about bringing delicates to a nearby drapery cleaner.

  • Use a Gentle Wash Mode and Cool Water when Washing.

It’s time to wash your window treatments after treating stains. Observe the item’s care instructions once more. Cotton, polyester, linen, rayon, and silk are the most common fabrics for curtains and drapes. Most fabrics like rayon, cotton, and polyester can be machine-washed. Silk and other delicates, however, may need to be dry cleaned or washed by hand.

If your drapes or curtains can be machine washed, do so on a moderate cycle with just cool water. Wash your window treatments separately from the rest of your laundry and use a mild laundry cleaner. They should have ample space in the washing machine to tumble and agitate while getting cleaned.

  • Dry on Low Tumble

Your maid might need to hang your curtains to dry after cleaning them, depending on the fabric they’re made from. However, if the item’s care instructions state that a machine dryer is acceptable, put the thing in on low heat. Remove them when they are mostly (but not wholly) dry to avoid wrinkles.

  • Iron and Hang

When deep cleaning your curtains and drapes, wrinkles are almost impossible to avoid. To remove creases from the window treatment, your maid can carefully pass an iron along the window treatment at the setting recommended for the type of fabric you’re ironing. They’ll probably still be a little damp at this point, which is ideal.

When they are completely dry, hang the drapes and curtains up. You’ll be left with clean, wrinkle-free window curtains.

Silk, chenille, or velvet curtains or drapes require special care and may need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. In that case, it will ultimately save you time to have a top-rated service in house cleaning in La Palma


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