Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup

Kitchen Cabinet Cleanup


Anyone who spends a lot of time cooking at home might feel like keeping clean kitchen cabinets is a full-time job. Kitchen cabinets always take a hammering, from spills that are unavoidable to grimy hands reaching for another ingredient. We provide daily cleaning advice for such cabinets and easy, step-by-step methods for house cleaning in Laguna Beach. 

You may keep your cabinets as organized as possible by following housekeeping advice.

  1. Close the doors and drawers: Although it may seem insignificant, keeping the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets closed will help prevent the accumulation of dust and crumbs within.
  2. Avoid exposure to water: While it’s impossible to completely prevent water from entering the kitchen, letting it rest on any type of wood for an extended period of time can harm it. Keep your cabinet shelves dry, and don’t put wet towels over the doors.
  3. Wax your cabinets: Furniture wax works wonders on kitchen cabinets by forming a barrier that shields them from accumulating dirt and oil. Every six months, apply the wax by spraying it onto a microfiber cloth and wiping it over each cabinet surface.
  4. Clean up spills: It may sound obvious, but if you detect a fall on your cabinets, clean it up immediately! A sauce spill that is still wet will always be easy to clean up immediately, but once it dries, you’ll need to work harder.


Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Techniques

All kitchen cabinets should undergo an occasional deep cleaning to keep them in top condition. It’s simple to complete this project using these step-by-step directions for cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Check all of your cabinets, both inside and out.
  2. In a spray bottle, combine white vinegar and warm water to create a cleaner. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap if your cabinets are filthy. Replace the white vinegar with rubbing alcohol if your cabinet knobs are made of granite or stone.
  3. Spray the cleaning solution on the cabinet doors’ exteriors and let it sit for a few seconds.
  4. Clean the cabinet doors with a microfiber cloth as your cleaner. Repeat the procedure once more if any unclean spots are still visible.
  5. Open the cabinet doors, then spray the cleaning agent inside the doors and on the shelves.
  6. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the cleaner after letting it sit for a few seconds.
  7. Take a clean cloth and water, moisten it, and wipe all the surfaces you just cleaned.
  8. Dry all areas completely using a clean towel.


How Often Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets will get easier and quicker the more you do it. Aim to wipe off the cabinet fronts once a week or so with a moist cloth, but act quickly if you notice a spill or splash. Once or twice a year, you can perform deep cleaning, or you can clean one or more cabinets at a time throughout the year. The primary goal is to prevent a build-up of that gritty, grease-based grime, which is also unclean and challenging to remove.


Cleaning the Kitchen Professionally and More

It’s crucial to have expert kitchen cabinet housekeeping skills. The kitchen receives more attention than any other area in the house due to its high usage and demand. So, it is difficult to miss when things start to seem a little dirty. Dark-colored, high-gloss kitchens are prone to highlighting dust and fingerprints, particularly those in south-facing rooms.

Ask your local services in-house cleaning in Laguna Beach about customized housekeeping plans that fit your household cleaning demands and budget if you want to spend more time cooking and less cleaning.



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