Easy Steps for Taking Care of Patio Cushions

Easy Steps for Taking Care of Patio Cushions

There are a few easy steps that you can take to clean and care for patio cushions in this blog. 

A new addition to the indoor living room of our house is the addition of outdoor lounging areas. All the luxuries of the home may be brought outside thanks to cozy patio furniture, outdoor dining tables, and luxurious pillows made of weatherproof materials. Unfortunately, prolonged outdoor exposure can make some of your patio cushions appear old. With this, we’ll show you how to freshen the upholstery on your patio cushions quickly, or you can just hire professionals for house cleaning in Laguna Hills.

  • Organize a Drying Area

Before you start your housekeeping activity, determine where you will clean and dry your pillows. Set your drying station away from foot traffic and far enough from plants and animals so your cleaner won’t harm them.

For this, you’ll need two distinct sections: one for rinsing and one for drying. If your cushions are placed aside to dry too close to where you’re rinsing, you risk accidentally splashing them with dirty or soapy water when deep cleaning.

  • Take your cushions out.

Take them off to clean your cushions. This will not only do washing and drying much simpler. The cleaners you use for your cushions might not be safe for the other chairs and loungers in your home.

Pro tip: You can skip steps four through six if your cushions have machine-washable, removable coverings. However, you should still eliminate anything that can block your washer.

  • Remove Solid Debris

Your cushions probably contain at least a small amount of loose particles. Before you begin, gently brush away any noticeable objects, such as leaves, insects, and apparent filth. To help dislodge some of the more firmly embedded things, gently brush them off with your hands or whack them together.

  • Utilize a cleaning agent

Your bucket of water should contain a 1/4 cup of cleaning solution. Apply it to your cushions after thoroughly mixing it with a scrub brush or your hands. Before scrubbing, ensure the cushions are entirely moistened with the solution without being submerged in water.

  • Lay It Down

The size of your mess will determine how long you leave the cleaning solution to sit. You should let your solution sit on dirty cushions for five to ten minutes. If this is merely a maintenance clean, though, you may get away with washing it right away after giving the entire surface a quick once-over with the scrub brush.

  • Rinse the soap off

After cleaning, you should thoroughly rinse your cushion to remove all soap and debris. We advise turning your garden hose to a low-impact “shower” setting, setting the pillow on a tarp, and wetting both sides of it down. You can leave your cushion aside to dry once the water is clear and no longer has any dirt or bubbles.

  • Take care of large messes and stains.

Repeat steps four through six if you have pillows that appear slightly worn.

If that doesn’t work, it might be time to use the heavy equipment, which includes stain removal solution and elbow grease. Try using a more rigid scrub brush and a bit of extra solution to scour your trouble spots once more. Try using a stain solution if that doesn’t work.

Pro Tip: Perform a spot check before using a more potent cleaning agent or scrubbing solution. Avoid damaging your cushions in the process of deep cleaning them.

  • Expose them to the sun

The best place for your pillows and cushions to be set up is in a sunny area (with wind if feasible), as the sun is nature’s natural dryer. It can assist remove some of your stains in addition to shortening the drying period, allowing you to relax and enjoy the results of your labor sooner.

Your cushions should dry within an hour or two on a bright, sunny day—and even sooner if they’re in direct sunshine.

  • Guard Your Cushions

They may be made to survive the sweltering sun, the summer heat, and even the rare downpour, but you still need to protect them when not in use. Consider removing your cushions and putting them in a weatherproof patio furniture storage container when your cushions aren’t used. You may extend the number of summers they last by protecting your patio furniture, particularly the cushions.


How often should I clean the cushions on my patio?

Every summer, at the start and the end, or whenever they start to look a little worn out, clean your cushions. Cleaning up couch stains as soon as they appear may help your patio cushions continue to seem newer for longer. When DIY solutions aren’t reasonably sufficient, engage the professionals or services for house cleaning in Laguna Hills for deep cleaning.


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