Maintaining A Clean House With Pets

Clean Living Room With Pets - Maggy Maid

If you have a furry friend at home, studies show you’re likely happier and healthier. But, unfortunately, your house might not be as clean. Don’t worry—living with pets doesn’t mean you have to live with their messes and smells.

Here are some tips to keep your home clean, even with pets around.
How to Keep a House Clean with Pets - Maggy Maid

Keep Your Pets Clean

Establish a grooming routine for your pets. Regular grooming removes dirt before it ends up in your home. A quick rinse with plain water can be very effective. When your pet gets wet, keep them in one area with easy-to-clean floors, like the kitchen or laundry room, and dry them thoroughly to avoid that wet dog smell. Occasionally, use pet shampoo for a thorough wash, and consider professional grooming for trimming or de-shedding.

Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Choose a vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair. It should have strong suction, a quality filter, and a good brush action to pull hair from surfaces. If your pet goes on furniture, make sure the vacuum can handle upholstery too. Regularly clean the filter to avoid spreading pet hair smells while vacuuming.

Set Up a Dog Cleaning Station

Create a cleaning station for your dog in a convenient area like the laundry room, entranceway, or garage. Equip it with a heavy-duty doormat, dog towels, wipes, and a water spray bottle to clean muddy paws before they enter the house.

Dog Washing Station - Maggy Maid

Clean Stains Quickly

When accidents happen, act fast to prevent stains. Cover the spot with paper towels and a layer of newspaper, pressing down for a minute. Repeat until the area is nearly dry, then clean with cool water and blot with paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible.

Air Out Your House

Combat persistent pet smells by regularly airing out your home. Open windows for at least 10 minutes, even on cold days, to let fresh air circulate and deodorize your space.

Choose a Practical Dog Bed

Opt for a water-resistant, easy-to-clean dog bed over fluffy, hard-to-clean options. Wipe it down weekly and air it out in the sun whenever possible to keep it fresh.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds - Maggy Maid

Keeping your home clean while living with pets is challenging, but it’s definitely achievable with the right strategies. Remember, a little regular maintenance goes a long way in maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for both you and your pets.

If you need professional house cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask for Maggy Maid’s assistance. We are the most trusted Maid and Housekeeping Agency in Leimert Park and nearby areas.
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