Maintaining A Clean House With Pets

house cleaning with pet

Having pets can make our home filled with more love and fun. But let us be honest that pets can also fill our homes with odors, fur, and dirt all over your home. Studies proved that having pets can bring more bacteria to your home than having none. But don’t let it stop you from getting a fur baby! This is why House Cleaning in Leimert Park gave us some helpful tips on how we can clean and turn our homes into a pet-friendly environment.

Having pets is easy if you know how to train them properly. You should give them a space where they could play and exercise. Also, spend time playing with them. They enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs. In this blog, the easy house cleaning tips were given by some house cleaners professionals from Leimert Park house cleaning services that will surely benefit you. Keep reading to know more!

Clean The Litter Box Daily

For cat parents, it is important to keep in mind that your cats don’t want to use a dirty litter box. So, it is advisable to always clean the litter box daily. To ensure that the odor will not stay, change the litter and clean the box properly.

Do not let the mess stay in your home. Always use a paper towel or cloth when cleaning the area. If you find it hard cleaning your pet’s mess daily, consider hiring a daily maid service to do the work for you.

Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Experts advised bathing your pet at least once a week can avoid odor build-up. Make it a habit to brush your pets to break away loose fur before it ends up lingering in different areas of your house.

Trim their nails regularly to ensure that your pet won’t scratch or damage any upholstery or wooden furniture. If the mess created by your pet is too much to handle, you can get service from professional cleaners. They have a dedicated team for that.

You can follow these simple steps provided by a professional maid. This is to ensure that your pet is entirely clean before letting them enter your home. Using a damp towel, rub off the dirt and mud from their face, body, and feet. Dry their paws before letting them enter your home. This will prevent staining and leaving prints on the floor.

Always Use Your Vacuum

The best way to remove your pet’s fur is by using a vacuum cleaner. Professional maid service companies advised using a high-powered vacuum cleaner especially if there is a family member with asthma. Some pets are not hypoallergenic so there are times that it can trigger severe asthma attacks. Don’t just vacuum the floors. You can do that on your couch and curtains, too.

Get House Cleaning Services

It is true that having a pet means they can be messy sometimes, but if you follow these simple tips, you will find it easy to have a pet without messing up your home.

But if you are not a hundred percent certain that you can follow these tips regularly, it is advisable that you seek help from professional maid companies. Known as the best house cleaning in Leimert Park, Maggy Maid is the perfect partner for you! They have high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods. They have well-trained and dedicated cleaners that will certainly exceed your expectations. Get their services now!


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