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House Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

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House Cleaning Los Angeles For a Spotless House

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. – Marie Kondo

A home is more than just a place to live; it’s where memories are made, special moments are cherished, and a comfortable environment is fostered to coexist in harmony with loved ones. When we think of a place called home, what comes to mind is a beautiful house with spotless furniture and floors, freshly laundered clothes neatly organized in a shiny wardrobe, and delicious food set on a burnished dining table. In reality, this tasteful and outwardly clean image of a house requires a ton of time and effort. Thankfully, Maggy Maid’s house cleaning in Los Angeles have got just the right solution to save you the trouble! Our referred, professional housekeepers and maids provide the finest housekeeping, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, and home cleaning services in Los Angeles, promising you a squeaky clean house at a bargain!

 “Identify customer need and then serve!”

Maggy Maid is a customer-centric, referral agency for house cleaning in Los Angeles with 100% customer feedback since its inception in 2008.

Our top priority is to earn your loyalty.


Maggy Maid - Excellence - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service

Only the top 2% of maids who register with our agency are referred to our clientele. This guarantees you the best house cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Maggy Maid - Excellence - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service
Maggy Maid - Trust - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service


Maggy Maid - Trust - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service

Our strict screening process of applicants ensures the highest quality standards. All our referred maids are committed, trust-worthy professionals.


Maggy Maid - Responsibility - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service

We’re operating seven days a week to offer our clientele reliability and convenience that no other house cleaning service can match in Los Angeles County. We can be contacted via phone, text or email. You can even book our services online 24/7.

Maggy Maid - Responsibility - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service
Maggy Maid - Happiness - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service


Maggy Maid - Happiness - Maid and House Cleaning Referral Service

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, which is the cornerstone of our success. If our referral does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, we’ll happily arrange another.

What sets Maggy Maid apart from other house cleaning service?

Maggy Maid’s success in the home cleaning industry is no fluke. Unlike other house cleaning services serving Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, Maggy Maid boasts a uniquely covetable reputation. A 4.7-star rating on Google My Business from hundreds of reviews, a 4.5-star rating on Yelp from over 700 reviews, and recommendations from more than 20,000 households in Los Angeles are all a testament to this claim.

Why do you need Maggy Maid - A House Cleaning in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, affectionately called the City of Angels, is a massive metropolitan city well stocked with companies and agencies offering house cleaning services claiming to be the best. Though, there are none in the area that can back their claim like Maggy Maid can. We’re the only referral agency in and around the city of Los Angeles that has consistently striven to earn a 100% positive customer feedback for more than a decade.

Our house cleaning services are inarguably the best match for those that deem time a luxury. That said, hiring a maid for daily cleaning can cost a considerable amount of money. Our range of home cleaning services offer not only a convenient solution, but shockingly affordable rates! So why hire a maid on a permanent basis when you can conveniently contact us and book our referred maids whenever you feel the need for some extra help?

A reliable help for employed people

We offer reliable help to people who are employed and simply don’t have time to maintain their house. Hiring a referred maid from our service a couple of times in a month is good enough to keep your house clean and presentable.

Enjoy time with your family

If you are married and have kids in these fast-paced times, it can get tough finding a moment of relaxation and peace with your family. Moreover, cleaning a house having kids around can take up heaps of time and effort, leaving parents with hardly any time for leisure. Maggy Maid’s house cleaning services can handle the cleaning on your behalf so you can devote much-needed time to your family without the stress of having a clean house hanging over your head. All you need to do is click here to book our house cleaning services so you can get a head-start on some quality family time!

No need to clean when you are sick or in pain

We usually don’t get the time to rest or even care for ourselves when we are sick or in pain. With Maggy Maid’s customer-centric housing cleaning services, cleaning your house will be the least of your worries. Book our referred maid now to get your place looking sparkling clean and focus on getting back to your 100%.

Making cleaning affordable for you is a priority

Hiring a maid on a permanent basis or house cleaning service in Los Angeles is not affordable for everyone. Maids’ monthly wages can be pricey, adding to the monthly expenses you already incur, and hiring them permanently exposes you to a multitude of risks. Maggy Maid’s house cleaning service will refer you a maid only when you require a helping hand in your home, cutting your monthly expense down drastically. What’s more is our referred maids can be booked at very feasible rates compared to other cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Fully Equipped Workers ensure ultimate convenience

Our team of referred maids is equipped with all the materials required for cleaning. We will bring all the necessary items to perform the specific type of house cleaning service you’ve booked. So you need not worry about having cleaning supplies and making any arrangements for the maid. Simply click here to book your referred maid now and we’ll take care of everything cleaning related to get the job done!

What does Maggy Maid offer?

Maggy Maid is a domestic referral agency that offers a number of house cleaning services: 1. General House Cleaning 2. Deep Cleaning Service 3. Recurrence Cleaning Service 4. Move-in or Move-out Cleaning Service, and 5. Post-construction cleaning.

  1. General House Cleaning Service
  2. General cleaning includes cleaning windows, scrubbing & mopping floors, detailed cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, living areas, walls and ceilings. Our specialized maids have the skills to clean your house to make it look as good as new.

  3. Deep Cleaning Service
  4. Deep cleaning is usually performed when a tenant moves out of the house or after every couple of months to keep every corner and little nook of your house looking spotless. Our deep cleaning service in Los Angeles is a very thorough process, which includes intensive cleaning of everything such as cleaning behind the kitchen appliances, below the sink, inside the oven, inside and outside of windows and patio doors, washing of blinds/curtains, complete dusting of the house including all areas of the roof as well as removing stains off all bathroom & kitchen tiles, taps and shower heads.

  5. Recurrence Cleaning Services
  6. Recurrence cleaning can be considered as maintenance cleaning which can help in retaining the quality and original look of the materials. It is usually performed to get rid of mold, hard water stains, food stains, heavy dust and anything that can make items useless in a very short time. It also helps in reducing various kinds of allergens, germs and other hazardous things present in the surrounding.

  7. Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Service
  8. Moving in or out may seem easy at first sight but once the idea sinks in, you realize how stressful it actually is. This is why Maggy Maid offers a special type of assistance to those who are bound to start a new life – move in or move out cleaning services. Our move out cleaning service is a thorough procedure of cleaning the house to prepare for the next tenants. This is part of the terms agreed between the landlord and tenants to ensure good maintenance of the house. On the other hand, move in house cleaning service involves all the necessary cleaning and organizing needed in preparation for new occupants.

  9. Post Construction Cleaning Service
  10. Post construction cleaning is the most detailed type of cleaning required after any level of construction in a house- large or small. Construction causes a lot of dirt in the house. This type of cleaning initially includes removing all the mess, setting things back to their original spots and then cleaning the whole house thoroughly.


We know inviting someone into your home requires a high level of trust. That is why our cleaning professionals are the best equipped to handle all your needs for housekeeping in Los Angeles. All Maggy Maid domestic workers are carefully vetted by us, so we choose the right person to care for your home. We take our referrals responsibly and seriously.

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Caroline E.
Caroline E.
16:38 16 Mar 20
Maria and Andrea were wonderful, my oven and fridge are sparkling clean in the kitchen and the tub is cleaner than I've seen it in months. My large mirrored...
Marlene K.
Marlene K.
15:38 12 Mar 20
I have been looking for quality housekeepers for months and nobody was able to meet my standards until RACHEL & TONY! Our 2 bedroom home has never been so...
Sarah G.
Sarah G.
13:16 08 Mar 20
Rachel and Tony just finished a deep cleaning of my two bedroom apartment and they were more than excellent. Thorough, hardworking, and very friendly. As a...
Jesse S.
Jesse S.
15:01 23 Feb 20
Rachel and Yancy did an absolutely phenomenal job. A house of 3 messy students was transformed in a matter of hours. Not only this but they were very...
Kat H.
Kat H.
12:46 16 Feb 20
Rachel and Tony came to clean my house last week and were AMAZING! They did the most phenomenal job. Cleaned every single surface with such attention to...
Kenneth L.
Kenneth L.
22:30 06 Feb 20
Tony and Rachel did a great job, addressing all of our concerns during their initial walk through with us. They were very accommodating, they work hard, and...
Ty S.
Ty S.
22:34 30 Jan 20
I've been using Maggy maid for several years now and am overall very happy with their service! I will be honest that some teams are far better than the...
Becca S.
Becca S.
15:17 08 Jan 20
Rolando and Maria have been cleaning our 1800 sq ft home once a month for the past year and they are wonderful! They are always careful with our things,...
Ashley S.
Ashley S.
18:02 24 Sep 19
Reyna & Conselo came today and did an awesome job! They called ahead and were very warm and sweet! The booking process was extremely easy and great...
Aja F.
Aja F.
15:03 14 Mar 19
Annabelle and Miriam came and cleaned our house today, and they did an amazing job! It hasn't been easy finding great quality house cleaners, especially...
Diego Martir
Diego Martir
21:41 29 Mar 18
Awesome in all ways. They really focus on the details
Rey Rey
Rey Rey
21:37 29 Mar 18
Adrienne Fang-Lalas
Adrienne Fang-Lalas
17:20 21 Jul 13

Professional Cleaners

We refer the best domestic workers in the business. All of the domestic workers we refer have had years of experience prior to us referring them out to your homes. If they are not quick and thorough, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the domestic workers we refer out to you are the same domestic workers that we want cleaning our own homes.

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