10 Steps How to Clean Black Laminate Flooring Properly

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Many homeowners want to improve the look and bring aesthetic to any room in their house. Black Laminate flooring are a popular flooring option since they are reasonably priced and adaptable, yet bring a good look to any house. Laminated flooring may survive for a very long period without displaying signs of destruction with the right upkeep and care. However, we must keep in mind that they could lose their luster and become dull little by little if we don’t maintain to clean them properly. 

To regain its shine, simple correct cleaning techniques, such as sweeping and vacuuming your floors, mopping the floor, air-drying the area, and polishing any other dull spots, are effective ways to restore and make it look great again. Moreover, there are lots of things that we must consider not doing. In this article, we will tackle the 10 steps on how to clean your laminated floor properly, as suggested by our experts from house cleaning agencies in Los Angeles.


1. Dust the Floor

Instead of using a wet mop, use a dust mop or a vacuum to remove surface debris while doing home cleaning. If you use a vacuum, get one that has a setting for hard floors since vacuums with rolling brushes can eventually scratch and harm laminate so you must be careful.


2. Use a Laminated Floor Cleaner

It is important to consider making use of cleansers designed specifically for laminated flooring. Avoid cleaning with soap and oil-based products. If you keep on using them on your laminated floors, they can cause them to distort over time. Just in case there aren’t any laminated cleaners available, you may start doing a DIY cleanser for laminated floors. Simply combine water, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol equally in a spray bottle, mix and then use them as your cleaner for a laminated floor.


3. Mop the floor

Light mopping can help if wiping is not enough. However, you should avoid too much mopping, especially with moisture since this might cause water to lose the laminated floor quality. We may suggest using two buckets of water for mopping, the first one is for filthy water and one for clean water. Streaks on your flooring are often caused by using a filthy mop head. Instead of sweeping, vacuum first before mopping since vacuuming is better at gathering debris while deep cleaning your floor. Just be sure to change your vacuum to a soft brush setting. A laminated floor can be scratched by ordinary brushes’ rotating bristles.

4. Buff to Shine

Buff the floor dry after mopping to make it shine. Microfiber clothes are recommended when buffing the floors as it gives a good shine. Moreover, use your preferred brush to gently buff each area of the floor in circles for a good shine.


5. Spray a Light Coating

Spraying the entire floor at once is not recommended since black laminate flooring does not respond well to water. Instead, spray the floor in small portions It’s additional protection to your laminate flooring. 


6. Don’t use a Polish

Floor wax and polish are not essential for cleaning your black laminate flooring because it already has a glossy finish and may potentially make your floors look duller. Adding those polishes, it will just make your floor moist and will just bring dirt to the floors. You can, however, still use a polish. Just make sure that polish or wax is specifically and particularly made for black laminate flooring or your type of flooring. In addition, if you will a different one, it may be prone to attaching dirt and other particles to your floors.


7. Avoid Wet Cleaning Solutions

Use a cleaner made for black laminate flooring to mop your floor at least once every week. Do not use any type of wet cleaning technique since it might harm your flooring or cause it to warp. These wet cleaners such as mop with soap water, steam mopping, or spray mopping. These can bring damage to your laminated floors. Basically, stay away from cleaning products that contain soap, oils, or other dangerous chemicals because they might alter the makeup of wood laminate flooring.


8. Clean the Spill

Be reminded that black laminate flooring is not intended to get wet. Even if you have waterproof flooring, it’s recommended not to let the surface of the floor get too wet. If your flooring boards are sufficiently damp, they may swell and distort which may have an impact on the surrounding boards. Additionally, spills or any moisture can harm the adhesive holding your flooring down which might make it loosen. Just in case of any water spills, clean it up right away with a fresh rag or paper towel.


9. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Steel wool, scouring sponges, and scrubbing pads are examples of abrasive cleansers that can damage your floor finish’s top layer. This top layer is what gives your black laminate flooring a shine. To clean laminate floors, use a microfiber mop or any soft microfiber cleaning cloth together with a cleaner designed for laminate to get rid of stubborn dirt particles.


10. Use Extra Padding

Your floor surface may become scratched by laminate furniture, reducing its luster. To prevent scratching your flooring, make sure your chairs have felt pads or anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom, or take care not to move them by dragging their legs across the floor. For bigger furniture, such as tables and sofas, use broader pads. This will stop its legs from damaging the shine of your black laminate flooring by scratching the surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

On laminate floors, beware of using anything abrasive since they can damage things like steel wool. You should utilize a dust mop or sweep with soft bristles to remove dirt from the floor. When vacuuming, use an attachment without a beater bar or rotating brush to prevent scratching surfaces.


Use a clean, flat-head microfibre mop to gently wipe the floor in the direction of the grain. It is among the greatest methods for shining laminate wood flooring. Never use a sponge since it can dry with stains on the floor.


Yes, most laminate floors can be safely cleaned with a vinegar and water mixture, which is yet another good reason to adore vinegar. Warm water and 1 cup of household vinegar should be combined. Make use of a moist mop. Water is the enemy of laminate flooring since it can lead to water stains, do not overwet the floor.


Cleaning black laminate flooring on a regular basis is rather simple. You may continue to clean them and even do so often, once a week, or even daily. When mopping laminate as opposed to other hard floors, use a fine mist or spray rather than drenching the floor with water or using a moist mop.



In conclusion, one of the most well-liked flooring options that are intended to shine and go well with the rest of the decor in your area is laminate flooring. Keep in mind the cleaning and upkeep guidelines you should follow if you have black laminate flooring or if you’re going to redesign a room in your house to have them, these steps will definitely help you with maintaining your laminated floor in the most proper way.



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